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    FireBird, TFDConnection and concurrency

    Hi Aaron, I am facing the same issue right now in regards to connecting to a fireDAC datasnap database using and ISAPI module. My current architecture works fine with a VCL datasnap server GUI windows datasnap server. But turning this server into ISAPI dll, i am not connecting to the database. Seeing your post and you have experience solving this issue, I hope you are able to help me. Can you share with me an small simple code how to connect to a datasnap firedec server from within an ISAPI dll module? Awaiting your reply... Regards, Michel
  2. Michel Bernabela

    Datasnap server updating error image blob column

    Hi Dany, Many thnx for your reply. After debugging the error arises in my REST client method on executing the command: > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Execute(ARequestFilter); In the IdHTTP pas file it raises the error on the stream...
  3. Hello, I am busy with for quite awhile now with an issue with no results. I have looked many internet sites, but without any luck at all. > > I am trying to insert/update (text/image) data via a Client to a Datasnap Server by using FDQuery and ExecSQL (XE7 with Interbase 2017). > > If I only make the use of text, insertion and/or updation works fine and perfect without any problems. > But as soon as I add an extra image parameter as Stream, the following error message is produced: > > "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" > > But the record INCLUDING the image stream is inserted into the remote Datasnap database, but my client application afterwards crashes and produces another access violation error upon closing the client app. > > So everything works fine/perfect with text only, WITHOUT image (stream) param. > > My server method uses FDQuery component for the insert (and one for update not included in this example)): > > // Push punch data to HQ > Function TdmServerMethod.iApp_PushPunch(FPdtFrom, FPdtDateIn, FPmsPic: TMemoryStream): Boolean; > Begin > Result := True; // Init > With qryPushPunch Do Begin //FDQuery component > Try > FPmsPic.Position := 0; // FPmsPic.Seek(0, soFromBeginning); Return cursor of stream to the beginning > Close; // Make sure dataset is not active > ParamByName('EP_FROM').AsDate := FPdtFrom; > ParamByName('TS_DATEIN').AsDate := FPdtDateIn; > ParamByName('TS_PICIN').AsStream := FPmsPic; THIS LINE WILL CAUSE/PRODUCE THE ERROR > ParamByName('TS_PICIN').LoadFromStream(FPmsPic, ftBlob); THIS LINE WILL CAUSE/PRODUCE THE ERROR > ExecSQL(); // Execute SQL statement > CloseStreams; // Cleanup stream > Close; // Cleanup dataset > Except > Result := False; > End; > End; > End; > > My Client REST method is as follow: > > Function TdmServerMethodClient.iApp_PushPunch(FPdtFrom: TDateTime; FPdtDateIn: TDateTime; FPmsPic: TMemoryStream; Const ARequestFilter: String): Boolean; > Begin > If FiApp_PushPunchCommand = Nil Then Begin > FiApp_PushPunchCommand := FConnection.CreateCommand; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.RequestType := 'POST'; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Text := 'TdmServerMethod."iApp_PushPunch"'; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Prepare(TdmServerMethod_iApp_PushPunch); > End; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Parameters[0].Value.AsDateTime := FPdtFrom; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Parameters[1].Value.AsDateTime := FPdtDateIn; > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Parameters[10].Value.SetStream(FPmsPic, FInstanceOwner); > FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Execute(ARequestFilter); AFTER EXECUTION THE ERROR "HTTP/1.1 500 INTERNAL ERROR" IS TRIGGERED, BUT THE RECORD INCLUDING THE IMAGE IS PERFECTLY INSERTED/UPDATED IN DE DATABASE > Result := FiApp_PushPunchCommand.Parameters[11].Value.GetBoolean; > End;