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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, I've got a problem where watch list fails to evaluate things like Self.ClassName Self.ClassType It just returns inaccessible value despite a valid object reference, if I use the Evaluate/Modify window instead of the watch list it works just fine. I've also experienced other problems like not being able to inspect a TRect record passed as function parameter ( IDE says symbol eliminated by linker, despite it being used in the body of the function). I have optimization turned off, I've also deleted all .dcu files and rebuilt the project several times over. Nothing seem to work. What gives? I think this happened to me before and I had to rebuild .dproj from scratch but not sure, I will try that as last resort.
  2. Gary Mugford

    Releasing memory devoted to arrays

    I have a small project in XE7, which is newish to me, where I have to get rid of an Access Violation error on exiting the application. From the error log, I know something is amiss vis-a-vis the arrays I'm trying to clean up. I have one global constant static arrays of strings, two global static arrays of extended and two global static arrays of strings. I have tried to use the setLength method for the cleaning up of the arrays, the finalize method, freeAndNil, free and setting the arrays to nil. My attempts sometimes survive compiling, sometimes don't. Researching the issue on the internet seems mostly to focus on dynamic array clearing. Not much about static arrays and not a solution that I could find. I've tried placing the clearing attempts in OnCloseQuery and disastrously in OnClose. At this point, I'm stumped. Is there a definitive way to do this? GM My creation code in the main form looks like this: var ... ar1: Array [1..100] of string; ar1Total: Array [1..100] of extended; ar2: Array [1..100] of string; ar2Total: Array [1..100] of extended; const TonerColors: TArray<string> = ['Cyan', 'Magenta', 'Yellow','Black'];