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  1. nozz

    Delphi for HUAWEI OS?

    Delphi users rejoice
  2. nozz

    Linux Support on Pro Edition

    I would bet most Delphi users hold a license for the Professional edition so I kinda understand why they would gate Linux support. It's a good short term business decision but it also means less bugs will be reported and it will take longer for the platform to mature.
  3. nozz

    Watch list, inaccessible value

    Correct. I got a bit confused, Usually I had no problem using watch list but I remember now that was because I would often have a local variable capturing the value, so that tripped me off
  4. nozz

    Watch list, inaccessible value

    Thanks, that fixed it, I feel stupid now. I don't know when exactly I managed to turn that option off ...
  5. Hey, I've got a problem where watch list fails to evaluate things like Self.ClassName Self.ClassType It just returns inaccessible value despite a valid object reference, if I use the Evaluate/Modify window instead of the watch list it works just fine. I've also experienced other problems like not being able to inspect a TRect record passed as function parameter ( IDE says symbol eliminated by linker, despite it being used in the body of the function). I have optimization turned off, I've also deleted all .dcu files and rebuilt the project several times over. Nothing seem to work. What gives? I think this happened to me before and I had to rebuild .dproj from scratch but not sure, I will try that as last resort.