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  1. nozz

    Watch list, inaccessible value

    Correct. I got a bit confused, Usually I had no problem using watch list but I remember now that was because I would often have a local variable capturing the value, so that tripped me off
  2. nozz

    Watch list, inaccessible value

    Thanks, that fixed it, I feel stupid now. I don't know when exactly I managed to turn that option off ...
  3. Hey, I've got a problem where watch list fails to evaluate things like Self.ClassName Self.ClassType It just returns inaccessible value despite a valid object reference, if I use the Evaluate/Modify window instead of the watch list it works just fine. I've also experienced other problems like not being able to inspect a TRect record passed as function parameter ( IDE says symbol eliminated by linker, despite it being used in the body of the function). I have optimization turned off, I've also deleted all .dcu files and rebuilt the project several times over. Nothing seem to work. What gives? I think this happened to me before and I had to rebuild .dproj from scratch but not sure, I will try that as last resort.