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  1. No, I get the same error with a clean install of 10.2.3 Let's hope the upcoming 10.3 will resolve this
  2. John Kouraklis

    Where do I store my own images on Android?

    @Yaron That was my concern TBH---a huge file like in Win I recall a similar discussion somewhere else. 🙂 You mean the original file in the resources is in high-res and then you scale it down to meet the screen resolution, right? and then you store this in a cache directory
  3. John Kouraklis

    Where do I store my own images on Android?

    I know all these approaches (the link, the resources and using getDocumentPath) @Dave Nottage: But this is not the recommended way by Android. I am concerned if those approaches are safe. @Yaron: Is this appropriate way for apps with big number of images?
  4. I asked a similar question a couple of days ago but it was about debugging Do you use Delphi in a VM?
  5. I've got a few components I developed in FMX and when I install them on the IDE they do not show all the platforms when you hover over them in the palette. How do I enable this? I followed some components by Delphi in the source code but couldn't locate how they do it. TIA
  6. John Kouraklis

    Change the background color of a TEdit

    Yes true. Many times, I copy paste the text in the style file directly. This can be complicated if you have complex objects (components, animation, layouts, etc.) but after a while you grasp the hierarchy of objects in the style-file
  7. John Kouraklis

    Change the background color of a TEdit

    Correction....this option exists only when you drop components in a form. If it happens to use frames (as I do all the time), this option is not available
  8. John Kouraklis

    New in 10.3: IDE UI Improvements in the Main Window

    @David Millington I see many posts about 10.3. Does this mean that people in Beta program can speak freely now?
  9. John Kouraklis

    Change the background color of a TEdit

    The "Edit Custom Style..." does not exist any more. As said, the official (cross-platform) way to change the background is to use a style. Although this is not what you are asking, try to use a glow effect (yellow or red) on the edit field instead a yellow rectangle. Super easy to implement and the effect looks cool in all platforms 🙂
  10. Hi, I've created two new components based on TImageList and TImage in FMX. The new components load images from a directory during design and in run-time. Please have a look here: https://github.com/jkour/neImageTools Thanks
  11. John Kouraklis

    TImageList and TImage which loads image files from directories

    Sorry but I don't have D2010 on my PC. The components do not use any FMX specific code except the component itself 🙂
  12. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    Can someone who knows the IDE inside out, write a fix for the layout setting? The IDE does not remember the choice the user makes and it reverts back to default.
  13. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    @dummzeuch....sorry again... Well, I was right. When the IDE loads, the startup layout loads and GExperts then changes to the pre-selected layout. What I meant is that the IDE starts and stays to startup layout and when a project opens then GExperts changes the layout
  14. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    Yes, that's right. Sorry, I misunderstood what you wrote earlier GExperts behaves correctly with the layouts.
  15. John Kouraklis

    Automatic refresh in browser

    Hi, it would be nice DP site to refresh automatically so it reveals the new posts. Thanks
  16. Is it possible to mave a button like the "Mark site read" but for forums only?
  17. John Kouraklis

    Solved: Dark Theme for DP

    Guys, how do you enable this theme?
  18. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    @dummzeuch Just an idea...could GExperts change the layout after a new project is loaded? There must be a service and interface in IDE for this. In this way, it would keep many people happy
  19. John Kouraklis

    How to make a component available to all platforms

    Aha...I knew there was such an attribute but was unable to find it in the docs. Sometimes, I feel you need to know where everything is in the documentation ΕĪ…Ī‡ÎąĪÎšĪƒĪ„ĪŽ 🙂
  20. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    @dummzeuch Thanks a lot. That makes me happy 🙂
  21. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    So, GExperts solve this?
  22. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    @Uwe Raabe Yes I know that but they don't seem to be looking at it.
  23. John Kouraklis

    Layouts in IDE

    I have a layout saved already (can see it in the drop down menu) Then I select it but when I repopen a project or the IDE is goes back to startup
  24. John Kouraklis

    Welcome to the English speaking Delphi-PRAXiS

    I use RSS feed reader for numerous websites and I really like it. Every new post in one place. Glad that DP offers that