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  1. I found out that TKey in my code is declared (for unexplained reasons) in Data.DBXCommon with is irrelevant. Maybe that is the cause of the AVs I get.


    But now I don't seem to be able to declare TKey as data type although I include System.Generics.Collections. How do I declare it in a unit? It is originally declared using $HPPEMIT (Generics.Collections, line 750)

  2. Hi,

    I've got a class and it has a property TDictionary<..,..>.


    I want to use RTTI to access the key and value of the dictionary.


    I am able to get the property but I can't figure out how to access the key and values.


    I use this approach:

     genericDictionary: TDictionary<TKey, TValue>;
     propValue: TValue;
       ---> Here I can see in the debugger that genericDictionary has the items and the correct count

    Then, I get AV when I try to iterate the Keys because TKey is an abstract class.


    Anyone can help?



  3. I researched a lot this because I wanted to include ads in my desktop app as well.


    The bottom line is that all the content publishers support only mobile apps. I have seen the link you give before but I am unclear as to whether it works. I doubt TBH.

    Google ads does not allow desktop apps indeed and they ban your account even if you "fake" a website withing a browser component.


    I have a app on my desktop (TuneIn) that shows ads from google. In earlier versions, they were using Taboola but now they moved to Google Ads. When I was reaching out people from the ad networks, they all told me that the app is using a few google accounts and cycles them so detection is avoided. They also said that eventually google will figure it.


    If you download the app, you can click and drag and select all the components in the window; pretty much what you do in a web page. This makes me think that the app is written with some sort of web framework and is mocking a website and thus the ads show normally.


    One of those people I talked to said that in general revenue from ads in desktop apps is extremely low which in practice makes it a worthless choice unless you have 4-5 million downloads. He suggested to consider other forms of licensing, like freemium, etc.




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  4. Hi,

    I had icons assigned to one of my projects and now all of the sudden delphi doesn't use them. Instead, when the FMX app runs I see the generic icon from windows.


    When I go to App Options, my icons appear there. Then, I click on Default, the icons change in the Options dialog but again not used when I execute the app I get the generic icon again.


    I've checked the .dprog file and deleted the entries with icons and reassigned them in the IDE.


    Sadly I can't seem to be able to assign icons to the app.


  5. @Kas Ob. Yeah...there must be something seriously wrong.


    I tried the app you sent but it says that win store repair is disabled because win store frequent changes


    I then downloaded an updated win store repair wizard I found online and it is asking me to login to my email account. But when I try to add an email account the popup window shuts down.


    So the whole installation is damaged. I will not avoid a clean install.


    The only thing I am bored of is the installation of all delphi packages :classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin:


    Gkrrr....10.4 is far, right 🙂



  6. Neither sfc nor dism fixed anything although they said they completed successfully.


    wsreset sadly fails. I've tried many times before.


    It says "You'll need a new app to open this ms-window-store link"


    That's why I believe I need a fresh installation

  7. Just now, Sherlock said:

    Why don't you just recover from the backup you made before this experiment?


    Well, the experiment was 1 year ago and I recently concluded that this must be the reason windows eat CPU load....

    Sadly, no backups are avail.


  8. By any chance, does anyone know how to restore windows store?


    I had this idea to get rid of all the unnecessary apps that come with windows and I removed them and windows store from Win 10 via PowerShell.


    Now, Windows consumes 100% CPU and I can see that processes like wsappx and the like get stuck so I assume that totally removing windows store is not a good idea at all.


    I tried to reinstall it via PowerShell, Creator Disk to fix Windows Installation and other methods but no luck at all.


    Before I do a clean installation maybe someone has a tip on this?



  9. Is this a VCL app or FMX?


    Where does the code appear? In the proj file? if so, it does not really remove the form from being auto created. You just don't use the feature in the IDE


    Try creating the form using the default way: frmMain:=TfrmMain.Create.... and then assign it to the Application as the MainForm


  10. On 11/14/2019 at 8:10 AM, Lars Fosdal said:

      Yes of course I've seen that


    On 11/14/2019 at 8:10 AM, Lars Fosdal said:

    What do you do with the beacon once you detect it?  

    Well, this really depends on the context of your application. You can take a relevant action like show a message or initiate a process. For example, in shops, they place beacons near a group of products and then when the app detects the beacon, it shows some offers.


    On 11/14/2019 at 8:10 AM, Lars Fosdal said:

    What happens if you remove it from the Beacon manager?

    What happens if your stop/start monitoring?

    The way it works is that TBeacon (which encapsulates the Beacon Manager) starts observing the bluetooth receiver and triggers events. For example, if a beacon is detected an event is triggered; similarly if a previously detected beacon is not active anymore, TBeacon sends another event.

    In my case, when the button is pressed, TBeacon raises an event and then my app runs some REST operations

  11. Ok, I have managed to get the URL when the button is pressed but now I have another problem.


    My app responds to the trigger and actually finds the beacon only once. After it detects the trigger the first time, it is unable to redetect the beacon and the trigger.


    I use TBeacon


    Anyone any ideas?

  12. Hi,


    I've got a beacon that has a button to trigger actions. I can configure the actions. For example, I when the user pushed the button the beacon advertises a URL.


    In Delphi, I can identify the beacon and I can read all the device info.


    What I can not figure out is how to identify that the user has triggered the button and thus the URL has been transmitted.


    Does anyone know how to do this?