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  1. Just get rid of the stupid process altogether. If someone's going to steal the software, they probably weren't going to pay for it in the first place.
  2. I went same route with swift on mac/ipad. Aside from apple breaking swift every version it came out really good and i was able to reuse a significant amount of code between the platforms. Swift is a nice language but having to interface with all of that objC API code was painful. Apple is definitely going the right direction with Swift and making new Swift only APIS. It would have been nice if i was able to use the same code on windows and ios/mac, but I realize that's mostly a pipe dream now. Agree on Lazarus. I switched off python and started using Go. Just had better experience keeping production stuff running better with Go. Its the perfect server code language IMO. So going forward i'm using swift for iOS / Mac and Go/Vue/Vuetify/Electron for multiple platform stuff. Svelte.js looks very impressive and i may switch off Vue in a few years. I'm not even comfortable keeping Delphi for win32 development at this point. Microsoft has such a schizophrenic desktop development story. I have no idea what to use to build native windows clients so I just won't i guess. I may downgrade and keep delphi pro. When you use reactive frameworks like Vue and soon SwiftUI, the old delphi style way of building GUIS feels bad. WebAssembly is something I'm keeping my eye on as well. I suspect this may become a great way to build multiplatform stuff both in and out of the browser. Remobjects doing some interesting stuff in this space.
  3. Curious. What are you porting to? I agree on charging the customer for a straight port, but if im adding new features or value I wouldn't have an ethical issue and it would all be transparent to them. Dam shame because Delphi was an awesome desktop dev tool. Unrivaled.
  4. Similar story here. I was happily on Delphi 7. Drank the fire monkey/ data snap kool aid and upgraded to XE8. I had the grand vision of one pascal code based for server, mac, windows, and iOS. It was a total failure and so now i have a VCL app on Berlin and i'm paying for the maintenance because the app has to work. Delphi seems to be in the final phase of life. Wringing every cent out of customers that have critical systems built in it who they know they have over a barrel. I don't think any of it is a mistake, but a well orchestrated plan to maximize return on an investment. The first clue was when they came in and clobbered the dev team here in the U.S. I dont pay for the license, but i'd rather bill my customer the time to get the app ported to something else than continue to pay for this tool. Delphi is dead to me.
  5. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    I've already built a sizable app in vue/vueutify and honestly didn't have one issue WRT cross browser compatibility. Of course i had the luxury of rejecting IE 10 or lower. I'm perfectly willing to cut out that segment because the effort isn't worth it.
  6. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Good to know there is full linux support. I'll try laz out on a windows VM on my mac. Thanks
  7. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    I may try it on windows and if it works ok i may try it there. i'd imagine 95% of my target demo would be windows users anyway. I'm really on the fence here whether to uses something native (lazarus, QT, wxWindows) or just go pure web. The web stuff is, at this point, a superior development experience but these frameworks get rewritten every few years and I build software that runs for decades. Maybe thats just not possible anymore
  8. Their renewal process is ridiculous. They tack on some $500 "premium" support thing. My subscription should cover "support". Jet brains is the model for how renewals should be handled. Then they try to sell you 24, 36 months. why can't i just go online and renew? i have to deal with a sales guy first.
  9. There is no point in me continuing to keep the subscription except to protect my customer from the exact sh** EMB just pulled. I'm still on Berlin and won't be moving. This delphi app is a mission critical for a business and they pay for the license. It's a 15 year old VCL app that is quite large and I don't particularly want to rewrite. I regret moving off Delphi 7.
  10. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    2.0.2 FPC 3.0.4 32 but mac. dropped a date time picker on brand new form and when trying to open it it opens and then quickly closes until the 4th attempt. It's not a knock on Lazarus, if i had the time id figure out why, but i don't. At this point, i need a rock solid platform to build a saas app on. I'll continue with Go and Vue/Vuetify. They have been fantastic for me. At this point, other than for hobby, i don't see the point in building native desktop apps anymore at least for what I do. EMB thankfully pushed me over the finish line with this silly attempt at extracting money out of people. Too bad because i really like object pascal and the VCL.
  11. Mike Margerum

    Delphi 10.2 TNetHTTPClient vs TRestClient

    I too was seeing crashes in my FMX app running on mac when exceptions would occur using the REST components. This was back with XE8 and I ended up just building the app in Swift.
  12. Mike Margerum

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    I installed lazarus today out of disgust and found a bug with the second control i dropped on a form on the mac. not a good sign,
  13. I pay for the subscription and am happy to do so. It's pays for itself. However, when they pull shenanigans like not allowing people who bought a perpetual license to run software they paid for it makes me wonder if this is a company I want to do business with. They better respond in crystal clear fashion that they are making a permanent change to this process to avoid people getting locked out of software they paid for.
  14. Im building a new app that's based on a similar app i've already built in Delphi. No way i'm using Delphi now. I just renewed my maintenance and will make every attempt in the next 12 months to make sure I don't have to renew again. This is just acting in bad faith. I hate to say it but Stallman was right about a lot of things. I'm building this new app on top of open source components. I'll help contribute if I can, but im not using anymore commercial development tools. Except for Xcode because I dont have much choice there.