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  1. Right, I just wanted to give the declaration as a hint. 😉
  2. Hmm.. and starting with W7 you have to use the function PowerCreateRequest(REASON_CONTEXT: TREASON_CONTEXT): THandle; stdcall; external 'kernel32.dll' name 'PowerCreateRequest'; function PowerSetRequest(PowerRequestHandle: THandle; PowerRequestType : TPowerRequestType): BOOL; stdcall; external 'kernel32.dll' name 'PowerSetRequest'; function PowerClearRequest(PowerRequestHandle: THandle; PowerRequestType : TPowerRequestType): BOOL; stdcall; external 'kernel32.dll' name 'PowerClearRequest';
  3. HolgerX

    UDP multicast issues

    Hmm.. I am not using ICS, but I have a small testtool for MultiCast made with INDY 10. It's done with D6, but you could use it for a local test... (Indy 10 is only in the search path, not added to the zip.. 😉 ) Test_INDY_Multicast.zip
  4. Hmm.. I came with this some posts ago, but I think you didn't need overload when you use 'reintroduce'..
  5. Hmm.. I thing 'override' is wrong, 'reintroduce' have to use! The declaration is different.
  6. HolgerX

    PDF Encryption

    Hmm.. Take a look to ghostscript: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12921006/password-protected-pdf-using-ghostscript/12929181
  7. Hmm.. Who 'is Active'? I login nearly every day, read nearly every changed thread.. But, of course, I only answer, if I have something to write... And this is actualy nearly nothing... Are I am an active User (reading) or not, of course I write nearly nothing? 😉
  8. HolgerX

    Feature request: "Show in Explorer"

    Hmm.. I use SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems with ILCreateFromPath to open Explorer and select a file in a new Explorer window: unit USelectFileE; interface function OpenFolderAndSelectFile(const FileName: string): boolean; implementation uses Windows, ShellAPI, ShlObj; const OFASI_EDIT = $0001; OFASI_OPENDESKTOP = $0002; {$IFDEF UNICODE} function ILCreateFromPath(pszPath: PChar): PItemIDList stdcall; external shell32 name 'ILCreateFromPathW'; {$ELSE} function ILCreateFromPath(pszPath: PChar): PItemIDList stdcall; external shell32 name 'ILCreateFromPathA'; {$ENDIF} procedure ILFree(pidl: PItemIDList) stdcall; external shell32; function SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems(pidlFolder: PItemIDList; cidl: Cardinal; apidl: pointer; dwFlags: DWORD): HRESULT; stdcall; external shell32; function OpenFolderAndSelectFile(const FileName: string): boolean; var IIDL: PItemIDList; begin result := false; IIDL := ILCreateFromPath(PChar(FileName)); if IIDL <> nil then try result := SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems(IIDL, 0, nil, 0) = S_OK; finally ILFree(IIDL); end; end; end.
  9. HolgerX

    ShlObj -> PickIconDlg() - strange behaviour

    Hmm.. the buffer for pszIconPath 'must' be have the size of MAX_PATH.. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/shlobj_core/nf-shlobj_core-pickicondlg function PickIconDlg(AHwnd : HWND; pszIconPath : PWideString; cchIconPath : DWORD; var piIconIndex : integer):integer; stdcall; external 'Shell32.dll' name 'PickIconDlg'; function PickIconDialog(var Filename: WideString; var IconIndex: Integer ): Boolean; var tmp : Array[0..MAX_PATH-1] of WideChar; // Min Size of pszIconPath must be MAX_PATH begin Result := False; FillChar(tmp[0], MAX_PATH * SizeOf(WideChar),0); Move(FileName[1],tmp[0],Length(FileName)* SizeOf(WideChar)); if ( PickIconDlg( 0, @tmp[0], MAX_PATH, IconIndex ) <> 0 ) then begin Filename := Widestring(tmp); Result := True; end; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var tmpIdx : integer; tmpFile : WideString; begin tmpFile := ParamStr(0); PickIconDialog(tmpFile, tmpIdx); ShowMessage(tmpFile + ' - ' + IntToStr(tmpIdx)); end;
  10. HolgerX

    Remember me

    Hmm .. Cockies .. The are deleted by the browser like all tracking stuff automatically ..;) And profiles does not work, because only a windows login ..
  11. HolgerX

    Remember me

    Hmm .. When logging in always 'Remember me' is activated! Since I'm sitting on a 'family' computer, that's unfortunate, I always have to disable it! Is of course a matter of consideration, which is better ..
  12. Hmm... I am in the 'fluid' view. There has been made in a previously readed thread a new post. Click I'm not landing on the 'first' new post but on the very first one from th Thread! Now I have to go through the whole thread and hope to remember what I read last ... Please look, if there is a possibility as with the German DP, to put on the first new post of the thread.