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  1. Markus Kinzler

    Why is macOS app internally built towards SDK 10.8?

    May be configurable in the SDK-manager
  2. Markus Kinzler

    Google pushes 64 Bit

    That's the problem. Android 64 is planned for version 10.4.
  3. Markus Kinzler

    Google pushes 64 Bit

    Starting this August 64-Bit support is required for new apps and updates. https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2019/01/get-your-apps-ready-for-64-bit.html
  4. Markus Kinzler

    ISAPI in Delphi 10.2,10.3 TranslateURI

    Unfortunately I can't add this option. And if he adds it, all existant votes are lost.
  5. Markus Kinzler

    CrossPlatform uPnP solutions for Delphi

    Have you already found/tested any solution? http://www.whitebear.ch/upnp.htm https://github.com/igor-shikarev/Delphi-uPnP https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15531441/how-to-implement-upnp-on-delphi-xe2
  6. Markus Kinzler

    Am I using IF correctly?

    I'd prefer second alternative.
  7. Markus Kinzler

    TurboDB 6 VCL anyone using ?

    Up to version 2.5 FireBird embedded was a special Client containing a "server" inside (insteat of the code of a local protocol linking to a server being installed on tzhe same machine. Since version 3 is a merged with the standard distribution. http://www.ibphoenix.com/files/Embedded_fb3.pdf For versions < 3 you only have to install the server. Since version 3 you only have to change the config and "install" service/deamon.
  8. Markus Kinzler

    TurboDB 6 VCL anyone using ?

    The only reason for a desktop db like TurobDB was the independancy from the database access ability of the vcl. Now with all versions of Delphi having a db aware RTL/VCL FireBird embedded/SQLite/MSSQL compact/... are the better solutions (imho).
  9. Markus Kinzler

    Notifications via e-mail

    You can also follow a (sub-)forum. (Yes I know there're many of them 😞 )
  10. At the moment we have 667 members.
  11. Markus Kinzler

    Where do the IDE roots reach? ;-)

    The old compiler is a patchwork of files. It seams that pathes are partly "hardcoded". Will (might be) fixed when all compilers are "nextgen". 😉
  12. I know. But I find it interessting that people having accounts with FaceBook or Google without problems and complaining about this much (fewer) grant here.
  13. Unfortunately such TOS are necessary to provide a forum or any other social service. In case of g++ you grant it not to a individual person but to a international group of companies (Alaphabet: mother of Google).
  14. Markus Kinzler

    Particle system FMX

  15. Markus Kinzler

    How to develop cheaply for iOS?

    Apple doesn't allow that.