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  1. Daniel

    @ mentions not working - has it ever?

    Well, it works for me.
  2. Daniel

    Delphi License Registration

    We clearly do not support piracy.
  3. Daniel

    AV in bds.exe

    Peter, stop posting nonsense. The reason for an AV in RAD-studio is most likely an external plugin. Now is is up to you: If you want our help, start giving clear information. Or just shut up. It’s really that easy. Don‘t be that complicated over and over again.
  4. Daniel

    Making Delphi 2007 HighDPI-aware

    As suggested I grabbed these posts and created a new topic.
  5. Daniel

    Survey of Delphi Versions in use??

    There is no specific area for polls like this. "Offtopic" might be an option.
  6. Daniel

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    No, the link to the download- portal is fine. there was a deep-link to the ISO-file that I have removed.
  7. Daniel

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    Folks, please try to avoid posting the direct download links. Although these are not hard to guess, in the past there have been requests from Embarcadero not to publish the links.
  8. Thanks - it is now on my ToDo-List.
  9. I agree with you that one should be careful what information one posts about oneself. In this particular case, however, I do not feel that I have published sensitive or new data. My real name is known and I do not make a secret of the fact that I have been vaccinated. In none of the screenshots published so far was there enough information to allow misuse of the certificates - and that is of course good and right (and should stay that way).
  10. Thanks for the support - I am a step further. Actually OpenSSL handles all these algorithm-stuff by itself. It was just my code that was writing a superfluous zero-byte to a stream. And when it comes to cryptography, a single byte can destroy everything. 😉
  11. Thanks. Yes, this is the case for all certificates using the algorithm "ECDSA w/ SHA256" for the signature. So far I only can verify the certificates using the algorithm "RSASSA-PSS". This is a little bit tricky right now...
  12. Daniel

    Problems with email confirmation

    No known problems. I just got some emails from this forum. @AlanScottAgain Please be so kind and send me a personal message containig the email-address you want to use - and I will clean up the previous accounts.
  13. I did not expect this - but sometimes reading the manual (aka specification) indeed helps. Hardcoding the algorithm SHA-256 while the certificates could also use SHA-384 or SHA-512 is not helpful either. I suspect that the failed examples here failed at this very point. May I ask you both to take another look at the updated code (see first post). I assume that you will see another algorithm used than "SHA-256".
  14. Thanks - I nailed it down to the code that generates the digital signature. I am still looking for a health-certificate around me that generates this error. It is a lot easier, having one of them inside the IDE....
  15. Interesting - thanks for the feedback. Most likely the program calculated the wrong signature to compare against the signature provided in the certificate. hm. Next week I will have access to more certificates to test with.