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  1. Daniel

    Waiting for Sydney

    Here it is: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/whats-new-in-10-4-sydney
  2. Daniel

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    Folks - please stay on topic. Discussions about faster RTL functions or Haskell do not belong here. We are taking about a special memory manager here, so a general rant about EMBT also does not belong here.
  3. Daniel

    wuppdi Welcome Page and high CPU usage

    Interesting. Haven’t seen this so far.
  4. Daniel

    How to change display name?

    Yes, please - please send a pm. we do have a technical connection to the German counterpart of this forum to make sure that a “Lars Forsdal” in the English forum is the same person as in the German forum. this is the reason we are limiting the changes of usernames. So your new name must be available in both forums - even if your are just registered here.
  5. Daniel

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    Thanks for clarification. But NOW, NOW please let us stay on the technical side.
  6. Daniel

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    Well - this is a really fascinating technical topic. You can, if you feel you have to, discuss the GPL-license in the non technical-area. But please let us stay technical here.
  7. Daniel

    XML to SVG

    Folks ... I had to delete a couple of posts that were completely off topic. If you really want to continue your personal dispute - please do this in a personal conversation and not here in public.
  8. Daniel

    XML to SVG

    Thank you.
  9. Daniel

    Delphi 10.3.3 Problems with x64-Debugger

    No problems here either. It really looks like a problem with your system and not with Delphi. So you might think about the title of this topic a little more.
  10. Daniel

    Minimising Mainform but leaving sub forms normal

    Hi Ian, please give your topic a meaningful subject.
  11. Daniel

    Will 10.4 bring better Android Services support?

    As far as I know there is not much public information yet. You can visit the site https://embt.co/10-4-Beta, there is a comments-section below the text and the product-management ist answering questions.
  12. Well ... @Guba, if you want to receive help, do it right. You're pretty new in this community and I recommend you to read our Code of Conduct. We all are trying to help each other. Sometimes we read an answer to our question and we cannot see how that one could help us. Yes, that happens from time to time. Asking helps. So, please calm down now and let's see how to answer your questions about FMX. And yes, especially when it comes to grids and databases, there are significant differences to the traditional VCL.
  13. Daniel

    ZOOM MODE for Design Editor?

    Are you kidding me? What's wrong with you, guys?
  14. Daniel

    ZOOM MODE for Design Editor?

    Peter, you must calm down now. Using bold letters or coloring does not move this discussion forward. You want opinions and input from us. And the question itself is interesting and would be a funny task using the ToolsAPI. But personally I have no need for this, as I set the coordinates / dimensions in the OI, when it needs to be exact. I am not exactly sure what I could gain from a “magnifying glass”.