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  1. Daniel


    Please try to use the English language. And please post longer code-segments as file-attachments.
  2. Understood. I'll bring the details tomorrow. My hope was that I could just install and select an other printer.
  3. Sure. Using a physical device works perfectly. I am looking for a virtual device generating PDF-files and not paper-tickets. But using a regular PDF-printer literally prints out the fgl-language like "<RC200,20><RL><X2><sXL2>^TEST^" because it does not understand FGL-commands.
  4. Hi @all, we are using the FGL printer-languange for ticket-printing on a Boca-printer. This is working great while using it on a real printer-device. Now I have to make several adjustments to the program-logic and to the layout, so I am thinking about redirecting the output to PDF so save paper and not having to connect that printer to my dev-machine. Does anyone of you know a PDF-printer that understands FGL-commands?
  5. Daniel

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    You can. We will bring more options that will allow you to customize the forum to your needs. This should allow you to focus on the content you consider important to you. Nonetheless - the main purpose of this topic was to say "Hello" to some users.
  6. Daniel

    Welcome, users of C++Builder

    ... unregister from this community. A bit drastic, but there is not other solution yet.
  7. Even though we are a Delphi forum, we have a considerable number of users of the C++Builder among us. Without shifting the basic focus of this forum, we are aware of the long and close connection between Delphi and C++Builder and therefore want to give its users space for their questions. https://en.delphipraxis.net/forum/41-general-help/
  8. Daniel

    FireDAC Add On discountinued? (Good by Embarcadero?)

    Well ... FireDAC will no longer be a separate product - but it is still under active development and will stay as part of the Enterprise (and above) editions of Delphi.
  9. Daniel

    Subforum for Python4Delphi

    Sure - I can do this later today.
  10. Embarcadero released a C++Builder specific patch for 10.4.1: C++Builder 10.4.1 Event Handler and RTTI Patch https://blogs.embarcadero.com/cbuilder-10-4-1-event-handler-and-rtti-patch/ It should only impact you if you are building components with C++Builder.
  11. Daniel

    [Souce code]

    Please describe your projects a little. This will help others to decide to join or not.
  12. Here is an example: https://www.embarcadero.com/images/dm/technical-papers/extending-the-delphi-ide.pdf Search for "SaveStateNecessary" to find the relevant chapter.
  13. I can look for an example later today. As fas as I know you have to implement a specific interface to be part of a fixed layout that can be saved and restored.
  14. Hi, we're actually all experts here (more or less...). Would you please be so kind to find a more meaningful subject for your question?
  15. Daniel

    Delphi 10.4.1

    Just start the 10.4.1-setup. It will offer you to uninstall the old version while keeping your settings. This is (usually) the recommended way of updating.