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  1. Daniel

    10.3.1 has been released

    Somehow I get the impression that this not so close related to the original topic "10.3.1 has been released". Please feel free to create new topic for discussions about colouring the IDE.
  2. Daniel

    Is editing posts disabled?

    Understood. But how many typos do you find after 24 hours? Would 48 or 72 or (7*24) hours be a big difference?
  3. Daniel

    Context sensitive code completion and syntax checking

    A video! Nice. But ... what is it? Something you want, something you wrote? Something we can download? Something we can buy? Without any explanation this topic is likely to be removed.
  4. Daniel

    Tree view?

    Sorry, but no. This is not implemented in this software. A quote from the Invision Product Manager: So it seems unlikely that we will see this feature anytime soon. I understand that you miss the "good old nntp". But there is not much I could do right now. Honestly, the demand for this feature is not that big.
  5. Daniel

    Getting the Windows version

    Exactly. And this is what he describes in his blog.
  6. Daniel

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    Ah grumpy Alek - it's you again ... . I knew I remember that harsh sound from somewhere. What is so hard about being constructive and positive?
  7. Daniel

    Limit to reactions

    🧑🌴 ... ? 😂
  8. Daniel

    Limit to reactions

    Technically we could include any graphic there, but negative reactions will not be implemented here.
  9. Alek, I really don’t understand your intentions. You obviously have your opinion and that’s okay - but you are not allowing other points of view without insulting other members of this community. Stop this now. As long as you act this way, we cannot discuss with each other (read: with you). Rudy - sometimes a discussion must stop when we realize that it will lead to nowhere. Especially in a web-forum with a linear discussion-thread. The tree-based layout of a usenet-group allowed yo to discuss side-aspects for ever. But here this style just captures a whole thread.
  10. Daniel

    Exclude already read posts

    For unread content there is a feed: https://en.delphipraxis.net/discover/unread/ For other notifications you should check your profile: https://en.delphipraxis.net/notifications/options/
  11. Daniel

    Limit to reactions

    The limit is set to 10 reactions per day. The default value from this software. I would not mind to raise this value. //edit: Now it is 100 per day.
  12. Daniel

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    You can still manage your personal list of ignored topics in your account-settings.
  13. Daniel

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    Yes, this is because this plugin only affects the activity-streams. So you‘d suggest to completely hide an ignored topic in any forum- or topic-listings?
  14. Hi there, some of you wanted to ignore specific topics. Well - we are testing this functionality right now. Next to the button "Reply to this topic" you find a new link "Ignore this topic": If you ignore a topic, it will not be listed in any activity-streams. But it will still be included in search-results. An ignored topic is marked with a badge: If you want to "un-ignore" a topic, you will find a link for this: You can manage your ignored topics in your account.settings: For now this should work. Please consider this function more as a "mute topic for _X_ days". Because of the architecture of this plugin, it will not be able to handle hundreds or thousands of ignored topics. So there will be some sort of cleanup - but this part is not active yet. Butf this should be acceptable for us, because older topics will not get that much new content - so they will not disturb you anyway. Let's see how it works. 🙂
  15. It is pretty obvious that you do not care. You should care because this is a public forum, not just yours. Now we have told you several times to move your specific discussions about technical details of the Delphi-language to a separate thread. Most of these posts are offtopic now. You did not care at all. Do I really have to explain to you why it is important for us to stay on a topic? It is not that complicated. If any other person wants find find some information later, they will look for the thread-title to decide for reading a topic or not. This „let us talk about everything“-threads do not help anyone.