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  1. Download: https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30872 From the readme.txt:
  2. Yes, code-folding is on the list. In the end, it will be part of the code-tags, not of the spoiler-tags.
  3. Daniel

    Notifications via e-mail

    You can subscripts to forums.
  4. Daniel

    Changes in Parallel Library

    //Notice: I have just renamed this thread to a more meaningful subject.
  5. Just for the records - about the TOS: of course an administrator must have the right to modify posts - think about posts with links to piracy-sites for example. Depending on the circumstances we just snip out an offending link - instead of deleting the whole post or banning the user. I understand that a TOS might sound scary to a person that reads such a thing for the first time. But at least in the European Union it is close to impossible to provide a service like this without a proper TOS - most likely similar to this one.
  6. Daniel

    Discount Offer from DelphiStyles.com

    It does for me (right now) ... 😉 https://www.delphistyles.com/order.html
  7. Daniel

    How can I rename my "Displayed name"

    done 🙂
  8. Daniel

    How can I rename my "Displayed name"

    We can - if you want - rename you in both forums.
  9. Daniel

    Delphi 10.3

    Cannot reproduce 😇 I have just added "Rio" and "Community Edition" to list list- please scroll to the end.
  10. Daniel

    Delphi Bugs reported to QualityPortal

    A link like the one from Stefan might be the best option. We could copy some data to this forum (using the Pages / databases feature and the JIRA XML-export), but without synching the issues every day we would be out of date very soon.
  11. Daniel

    RSS feeds for new posts ?

    How does it differ for you from the second one? Changed URL to https://en.delphipraxis.net/rss/1-new-topics.xml/ The feed you mentioned is provided by an addon to this software. while this is an option, I'd like to push the built-in solutions if possible.
  12. Daniel

    RSS feeds for new posts ?

    Lars, this is the public thread. 😀
  13. Daniel

    RSS feeds for new posts ?

    Actually I'd prefer the second one, because it is the internal solution without plugins. For the moment I just want to know if it satisfies or not. 😉 So I am offering both for the moment and waiting for feedback. As soon as it becomes clear that this feed will help us, it will get a real name and it's final url.
  14. Daniel

    RSS feeds for new posts ?

    we now have two more rss-feeds to offer. i am testing the options we have. https://en.delphipraxis.net/rssalltopics.xml/ and https://en.delphipraxis.net/rss/1-new-topics.xml/ //edit: I changed the url for the second stream