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  1. Daniel

    Lightweight RTSP-player

    Thanks. The precompiled demos only include a list of predefined cams. I will check the demos of the components.
  2. Daniel

    Lightweight RTSP-player

    Hi everyone (or as we say in northern germany: "MOIN"), I am looking for a lightweight solution to play RTSP-streams in Windows 32/64. Right now I am using libvlc.dll for this and it works pretty well. But there is this extrernal dependency... I have tried DSpack, but I think as long as my regular Windows Media Player is not able to play RTPS, DSpack will fail also (what it does so far). Are there any recommendations beyond VLC? best regards, Dany
  3. Daniel

    Load form icon while using styles

    Mahdi - again: calm down now. This is not the first time I have to tell you to calm down. it is pretty simple: if you feel unable to have a focused discussion on a topic, just don’t do it. You must stop personal attacks against other members. we come from all over the world, many of us are not native English speakers. So, well, yes, we might understand the wording of another member in different ways. Please keep this in mind. But there is a consensus that some(!) of your posts tend to be personal against other members. So, please step down a little. Soon.
  4. Daniel

    IDE Fixpack Sydney

    A free license was offered multiple times and is clearly not the limiting aspect here.
  5. Daniel

    Trying to DL image yields a web page instead

    Looks like your ticket-system requires credentials. Often they're stored in a cookie or a session-cookie, this is why downloading the image using your browser usually works. You will need some kind of authentication for your IdHTTP-request. You could look into the docs of your ticket-system to get information about authentication, or you could use a http-proxy like Fiddler to inspect what your browser is actually sending while fetching the image. This might also work using the usual developer-tools inside your browser. In the end you'll have to look at the request-header. I am pretty sure that there will be some kind of authentication.
  6. Daniel

    RTTI in dpr / console app dpr

    Mahdi - calm down. Now. This will clearly not be the next thread where you can celebrate in public your discrepancies with David. His example is absolutely valid to demonstrate that RTTI is actually working in plan .dpr files.
  7. Daniel

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    So, please come back to the technical aspects of (your) 10.4 issues. This is not the right topic for a discussion about the general quality-management of EMBT.
  8. Daniel

    Typed constants in Delphi.

    Well ... so the conclusion is: If you have a project with 1 million (!) typed constants, then the 64bit-compiler is significant slower. Okay. This might be the case. But what now? Feel free to create a bug-report (for me it would be more a feature-request) at Embarcadero.com - I still struggle to find the direction and the goal this discussion still has.
  9. Daniel

    Strange behavior for literals

    @Mahdi Safsafi there is no need to convince someone here. Sometimes we just have different views on an item. This is not wrong by itself. if you think that you have found an error in Delphi, please create a bug-report at quality.embarcadero.com
  10. Daniel

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 10.4?

    The plugin itself is actually in English language. The mentioned link on my website is a cheap WordPress-plugin and not much more than a redirect to Google-Translate. Sorry that it is not working for you. And special browser-plugins installed?
  11. Daniel

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 10.4?

    Sorry, not yet. I didn't dare: You would all point a finger at me and laugh at the program code. 😉
  12. Daniel

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 10.4?

    Sure there is - copy the file Uwe mentioned to the 10.4-folder (like from folder \20.0 to \21.0). But I agree that a kind of migration-tool or -setting would be helpful.
  13. Daniel

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 10.4?

    Oh - there must be a wrong default-value. I will check this later today. Thanks for reporting - and of course thank you for using this welcome-page. 🙂 //Edit: Yes, there was a minor glitch in the code. If the config-file mentioned by Uwe does not exist, the default value for the width is 0px - which might be a little narrow for one or the other... New version is 1.2.9 fixing exactly this problem. If it does not occur on your system, you're perfectly equipped with version 1.2.8.
  14. Daniel

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Feel free to create one. 🙂
  15. Daniel

    Experience/opinions on FastMM5

    Folks - please stay on topic. Discussions about faster RTL functions or Haskell do not belong here. We are taking about a special memory manager here, so a general rant about EMBT also does not belong here.