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  1. Thank you so much for your replies guys. @Yaron, thank you. But I am looking for a solution on Google Play leaderboards. I do not own a server or anything like that. I would like to use google platform. It supports saving game progress and what not. People are used to it. Thank you all again!
  2. Hello everyone. I am happy to see that the delphi community is alive! I love delphi and when I wanted to write a game I was told Unity is the way to go. So I wrote a game in unity but I hate it. I would like to make a game in Delphi. However, I hit a snag... I can't find information online on about how can I save progress and use leaderboards using google play services. On Unity it was pretty easy, but like I have said, I can't stand C# and Unity its not human friendly. At least not to my taste. Can anyone please help me with a short tutorial or some sample code? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.