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  1. Mohammed Nasman

    Delphi REST with PDF files

    I don't know about Delphi Rest, but for the restful API, I use the excellent open source Delphi MVC framework. you return the pdf as:
  2. Mohammed Nasman

    64 bit PostgreSQL and Embarcadero ???

    It seems you are building win32 application but trying to use 64 bit version of the "libpq.dll" library.
  3. Mohammed Nasman

    About UniGUI Layout

    UniGui layout based on ExtJs Layout, you can browse extjs documentation to understand it , then apply that on unigui application. But always remember to set the AlignmentControl property to: uniAlignmentClient The attached images done with Unigui 😉
  4. Mohammed Nasman

    Google Charts in uniGUI

    You should take a deep look into it, it's really very powerful framework to build web applications with Delphi using ExtJS framework for frontend.
  5. Mohammed Nasman

    Cannot install Konopka for Missing Function!

    I usually face same problems when trying to update newer packages, its related to one or more old BPLs Download "Everything" from voidtools Then use it to search for all BPLs that may be spread on multiple locations, then reinstall them.
  6. Mohammed Nasman

    Are there any free DBGrid components out there?

    There's one that not free(NextGrid), but very cheap (99$), and has many features that you find in more expensive ones.
  7. Mohammed Nasman

    auto-generated REST APIs?

    I think I saw that once before with TMS Xdata But I agree with @Lars Fosdal, The REST API should be design in the API way, not the Database way, it should not have 1:1 relation with database. Also for some performance issues, you should send all the required data using one API call, but this may require multiple relations with tables on DB.
  8. Sure, to be a commercial product with a good company behind it, better than unmaintained open source one.
  9. It seems that will not happen. Code Partners Acquires SmartInspect
  10. Mohammed Nasman

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    TMS released one with their FNC component, but not free. Ready for the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser!
  11. Mohammed Nasman

    what is the possibility of having a rest/soap webapi in Delphi 2007

    If you can use the community edition, you should give Delphi MVC a try. Otherwise, I will go with @Lars Fosdal suggestion.
  12. Mohammed Nasman

    is FGX native still around?

    It seems it will be released soon, new web site has been established, but it's in Russian only http://www.fgx-native.com
  13. Mohammed Nasman

    Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

    Could you please list the TOC?
  14. Mohammed Nasman

    Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

    Great job, I'm very interested in the Book. Documentations for Delphi's ORM keep me away of them.
  15. Mohammed Nasman

    Injecting Pascal into PHP?

    I read before that Intraweb 17 will support wordpress, I'm not sure how they will do the integration and if it will allow the pascal code to be executed within PHP You can give brief idea from their roadmap. https://www.atozed.com/intraweb/roadmaps/v17/