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  1. Mohammed Nasman

    auto-generated REST APIs?

    I think I saw that once before with TMS Xdata But I agree with @Lars Fosdal, The REST API should be design in the API way, not the Database way, it should not have 1:1 relation with database. Also for some performance issues, you should send all the required data using one API call, but this may require multiple relations with tables on DB.
  2. Sure, to be a commercial product with a good company behind it, better than unmaintained open source one.
  3. It seems that will not happen. Code Partners Acquires SmartInspect
  4. Mohammed Nasman

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    TMS released one with their FNC component, but not free. Ready for the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser!
  5. Mohammed Nasman

    what is the possibility of having a rest/soap webapi in Delphi 2007

    If you can use the community edition, you should give Delphi MVC a try. Otherwise, I will go with @Lars Fosdal suggestion.
  6. Mohammed Nasman

    is FGX native still around?

    It seems it will be released soon, new web site has been established, but it's in Russian only http://www.fgx-native.com
  7. Mohammed Nasman

    Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

    Could you please list the TOC?
  8. Mohammed Nasman

    Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

    Great job, I'm very interested in the Book. Documentations for Delphi's ORM keep me away of them.
  9. Mohammed Nasman

    Injecting Pascal into PHP?

    I read before that Intraweb 17 will support wordpress, I'm not sure how they will do the integration and if it will allow the pascal code to be executed within PHP You can give brief idea from their roadmap. https://www.atozed.com/intraweb/roadmaps/v17/
  10. Mohammed Nasman

    IDE Fix pack for Rio

    Last andy tweet:
  11. Mohammed Nasman

    Android Z-Order, Native Controls, and 10.3 Rio

    I think they failed to add RTL to FMX, so they bypass it to mobile's OS to do the work.
  12. Mohammed Nasman

    Android Z-Order, Native Controls, and 10.3 Rio

    I think RTL language will work only with controls that has ControlType property set o Platform, they didn't mention they add it to TLabel.
  13. Mohammed Nasman

    Web dashboard application

    @Davide Visconti, We have been using in production even since beta phase, and was much stable other, and also support is very good, I few had problem in past and Farshad (Author of Unigui), connect with teamviewer and helped me to find the problems, and most of problem were related to my code which is win32 desktop app shared with the unigui app.
  14. Mohammed Nasman

    Web dashboard application

    Unigui is good solution, it will make things easier because you don't have write code in two projects, one for backend and one for frontend. It's combine with power of Delphi in the RAD way with the most rich JS library (Ext JS). Here's sample of one of dashboard we made with Unigui: another sample from unigui forums: PS: I'm just happy unigui customer.
  15. Finally ControlType of TEdit will arrive to Android apps, it will solve a lot of problems with text, specially with RTL languages. http://delphi.org/2018/11/android-z-order-native-controls-and-10-3-rio/