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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone got Google Tests (unit testing framework) working with Embarcadero C++ clang compiler? if so, using clang32 or clang64 bit? [or, ideally, both?] I can't find any web documentation that tells me if this is currently possible (Embarcadero 10.4.1) or not. (If there is a helpful URL then I would be grateful if anyone can oblige).
  2. I have a problem using the new v8 version of OverbyteICS with MimeDecode in my C++ project with Embarcadero XE10.3. In my old studio I was able to work with v5 using the TMimeDecode component after including MimeDec.hpp in the unit header file. In the unit cpp file I used #pragma link "MimeDec" to load the library., but in V8 I am not able to find the cpp header file in the extracted Source folder, only the delphi version (OverbyteIcsMimeDec.pas). Is it still possible to use the old methods connected to MimeDecode v5 (Method 'DecodeFile', field 'CurrentData', etc.) in the new Embarcadero XE10.3 (with OverbyteIcs v8)? Or is it maybe possible to use v5 with XE10.3? Whenever I click on the unit file in the project tree, I get a message signaling that the TMimeDecode component couldn't be found. I even tried to add the OverbyteIcsMimeDec.pas file as well as further needed *.pas files, but still the same error is shown. Is there anything else I need to do? The delphi compiler did generate the appropriate *.hpp files in my Embarcadero directory, which I did include in my project. I did also add include "OverbyteIcsMimeDec" to my unit header file, but without success. I would really apprecaite some help regarding my efforts to implement MimeDecodc during the migration process.
  3. Hallo to all, since 10.4 (and 10.4.1) debugging c++ DLL for x64 Windows S.O. is impossible (for me of course). ALL THE PROJECTS ARE COMPILED FOR X64. If I launch standard debug from Delphi project, the DLL source code (made in c++) is ignored and no breakpoints are used in the DLL. If I launch LLDB debug from c++ DLL (setting the correct host of course), an error like this is generated and the app doesn't start. If you launch the app with or without Delphi debugger all is working. Same situation with remote debugger (via "old style debugger" or paserver). Before LLVM all is working and i can debug DLL c++ code. I miss something or do something wrong ? Attached is a very simple project group to test. Thanks for your attention. Test.zip
  4. Check out how you can use Delphi's new Custom Managed Records feature to wrap C(++) APIs. https://blog.grijjy.com/2020/07/20/wrapping-c-apis-with-custom-managed-records/