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  1. Roger Cigol

    C++ Code Insight in 10.4.2

    The link for a RAD Studio 11 preview is Desktopfirst summit - rad studio 11 preview
  2. Any one working on their own or part of a small s/w development team independant partnership? This could work just as well as us actually employing someone....
  3. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    The flakey code completion is, as you say, a huge hindrance. Embarcadero are aware of this, hopefully it will be better in the coming version (11) (although community edition releases usually lag behind the subscription license versions a bit). Your comment about missing things in the structure viewer is puzzling though. It's a bit of a vague description. Can you be more precise and/or post a screen shot or two?
  4. Experience with Linux would be a bonus....
  5. I have now got googletest framework up and running with a Windows VCL clang64 project. I've posted two blogs about this here: https://cigolblog.wordpress.com/2021/07/16/tips-for-using-googletests-with-embarcadero-clang64-for-windows-vcl-projects/
  6. Roger Cigol

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    I too have had a look : and yes it does seem to work and have a lot of the old stuff - so thanks to Jim for getting this running and pointing us to it. I have spent ten minutes puzzling over the ordering of the "Latest Changes on this Web Site" items at the home page: Code news fast home page and would welcome anyone's guess on this !
  7. I have a C++ Builder (10.4.2) Windows 64 bit VCL application (clang64). Whilst it is running I want to start an external (third party) windows 64 bit exe console application and whilst this runs to completion I want my VCL application to capture (and I will write code to process) the) text output that the third party exe file sends to "standard output". Ideally I want to do this without the user being aware that it is happening. It's easy to run an external console application in it's own shell, but how do I redirect the output from this external console application into my (already running) VCL application?
  8. I'm working on a new PostgreSQL project. This requires a Win 64 bit (VCL) C++ FireDAC application. This forces me to ditch DUnit (some more experiments with some starting code suggest DUnit tests compile ok but when you come to run them under clang64 they don't appear in the test tree (the main test files do appear, but the individual tests are missing) and so the green arrow "run tests" is greyed. Out. Using 10.4.2 I used the gettit package manager to install GoogleTests - this downloaded without errors. It put it all in somewhere I might not have chosen (but since it's all source code I can probably moved this) However I have got the sample test sample8_unittest.exe that is one of the samples that comes as part of the getit install to compile and run using clang32 and clang64. But it doesn't have the nice GUI front end that DUnit tests have. Next: Does anyone know of a GUI front end that is compatible with Embarcadero C++ Builder? Next (for me) : I need to see if I can get some unit tests of my 64 bit app to run.......
  9. Roger Cigol

    TPrinter - usually ok - some printer drivers have a problem

    Note: " Just occasionally it gives an error." - means on certain combinations of Windows machines and different printer drivers. ie the same bit of s/w works fine 99.9% of the time and then just the odd user has an issue. In my experience changing the printer driver "with a bit of luck" fixes the issue - this statement itself indicates how flakey it appears to be!
  10. There is an on going discussion on Stack overflow about using C++ Builder and TPrinter - most of the time it works. Just occasionally it gives an error. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67233197/cbuilder-printing-issues-on-certain-printers?noredirect=1#comment120336791_67233197 I wonder if any Delphi VCL users have had the same issue (since TPrinter is a delphi class wrapper for the Windows printer API) ?
  11. Roger Cigol

    Debugging C++ VCL on Win64

    10.4.2 is known to have all sorts of negative issues on the clang debugging experience (both 32 and 64 bit). We are promised that 10.5 will be much better..... 10.5 is hopefully not too far away (although no information other than a fairly old road map is available on this).
  12. what happens if you replace MYBOOL with bool and PRICER_DEVEX and PRICER_STEEPSTEDGE with plain integer constants (eg 2 or 3 or 4....) ? If you get the same problem then this would be a more helpful form to post your problem source code (since your quoted code does not include definitions of these block capital items). Or, if it starts working, can you include the definitions we need to get the code to be like yours (in this case it could be that MYBOOL is being defined differently in the debug and release compilations for example....)
  13. Roger Cigol

    Weaknesses with MySQL and or PostgreSQL

    @Markus Kinzler Thanks for your advice. "Oracle doesn't care...." - does this mean my interpretation of the GPL v2 is wrong ie Oracle COULD make us pay the commercial license even though my customer would only be using it internally? or does this mean "Oracle doesn't care so all is well, I can use it " ? "Better use MariaDB" - why do you say that? "....is much more potent than...." - potent is a strange adjective to use here : it would be great if you could expand on what you mean by "potent"..... Your wisdom is appreciated....
  14. The sort of question that would be kicked out of Stack Overflow: I am about to embark on a new database project for a customer: Maybe 200,000 records per year in the main table. Typically ten or fifteen users accessing database simultaneously. Running on a server on a local network (possibly move to cloud in the future). Interface to C++ Builder code using FireDAC. All running on Windows platforms. Only for internal use by the customer (not for re-sale) so can use MySQL under GPL. I'm finding it really hard to choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL. Any ideas on strengths /weaknesses I should look at whilst trying to make this decision?
  15. "Engineering" means driving machines that do something - ie control systems.