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  1. Just to agree with everyone re: floating point use I point out that "1.025 sometimes stored as 1.025000001 or 1.0249999999" is an incorrect statement. This is how the numbers are DISPLAYED when converted to decimal. They are stored in BINARY floating point, typically based on the standard IEEE 754-1985 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-1985). Before everyone shouts: I know this is not the latest version of IEEE-754 - but linking to the 1985 version (which only discusses binary floating point) is easier when the discussion is limited to the Delphi (or C++) floating point types.
  2. Roger Cigol

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    My tool bar customisations won't stay between different IDE restarts. eg. Add some extra buttons (using the tool bar customisation) and then close the IDE and restart and they are not there. This is very frustrating. I gather that this is a known issue but won't be fixed until 11.1. It's a major inconvenience (I am well behaved and resisting the very strong urge to shout).
  3. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    Checking up on this it seems that #include <xxx.h> is recommended for including standard headers only. What are you trying to achieve by using this rather than the normal #include "xxx.h" syntax?
  4. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    Strange: I don't get any characters - can you tell us what "characters" you get ?
  5. A word of warning: there seems to be some issues with GooglTest framework and C++ in RAD Studio 11.0. I am working on this and will post news as and when it is available !
  6. us C++ programmers have had this since the begining - it's very common to just use a pair { } and create a local variable that exists only for the extent of the braces
  7. I'm not sure that I agree with this. The VCL IDE is not too tricky to get the hang of. I've spent my whole working life learning to program and am still finding there's lots more to learn. I guess it comes down to what you mean by "learning the language". It doesn't take long to learn to order two beers in a foreign language but that doesn't mean you can speak it..... Either way there's always more to learn - I'm just looking for someone who is interested in learning and good at learning.... Then I can help them on their way with interesting challenging but rewarding (both job satisfaction and financially) work....
  8. But thinking about this further, if someone came along with good C++ skills and good person to person skills it would be easy for us to teach her/him how to work with VCL / FMX / FireDAC and the Embarcadero IDE....
  9. Main projects use VCL. Minor projects use FireMonkey. Some projects use FireDAC. Some (albeit not complex) internal VCL components, all of which are in C++
  10. Maybe a promising computer engineering graduate or post graduate. Must enjoy working with a diverse range of people and be a good listener (and understander!).
  11. Roger Cigol

    Missing The Old Forums

    A very interesting perspective from Joseph. I wonder how this can be changed..... Listening (and responding) to customers is one of the key reasons I am still in business.
  12. Roger Cigol

    Missing The Old Forums

    Well I'm a C++ MVP and active C++ user and I check this forum from time to time. If I can I do make the odd (hopefully) helpful comment. I also check Stack Overflow for questions tagged C++ Builder. Stack Overflow is a good place to post if you have a specific question. Here is the best place I can find for somewhat more imprecise (but still civilised and helpful) discussions. I too miss the old Embarcadero forums. I pushed as hard as I could to get Embarcadero to keep them. They were getting lots of public viewable negative feedback about some of their releases. I feel they should have used this as a low cost way of learning what they needed to concentrate on improving. But it seems that rather than fixing the problems that were annoying their customers their marketing dept. insisted that they close the mechanism of reporting down. They do have good products and they do have a good marketing team - but they do need to make sure that they listen to their customers and respond effectively to what they are not doing well. By closing their forum they lost an opportunity to do this.....
  13. Roger Cigol

    C++ Code Insight in 10.4.2

    The link for a RAD Studio 11 preview is Desktopfirst summit - rad studio 11 preview
  14. Any one working on their own or part of a small s/w development team independant partnership? This could work just as well as us actually employing someone....
  15. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    The flakey code completion is, as you say, a huge hindrance. Embarcadero are aware of this, hopefully it will be better in the coming version (11) (although community edition releases usually lag behind the subscription license versions a bit). Your comment about missing things in the structure viewer is puzzling though. It's a bit of a vague description. Can you be more precise and/or post a screen shot or two?