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  1. Anyone out there who is an Embarcadero C++ Programmer based in the UK (ideally SW England) with interest in engineering applications ? We could do with working with one (full time?)
  2. Roger Cigol

    Create a Delphi Dll and load it with DllMain

    I'm not entirely sure that this thread of postings should be here under "C++ Builder"......
  3. Very interesting project. But I worry that even if solved successfully from a technical perspective it may not work for the user. The problem is that the eyes get used to the dim light (retina diameter widens) and then when the screen image suddenly changes to a brighter level, yes, you may be able to bring up the room lightling in response, but your eyes do not react very quickly so you will still feel that the screen is "glaring". In fact because the room lighting has now also suddenly lept up in brightness you may find the overall experience even worse than before.
  4. Roger Cigol

    Modernizing the Dev-C++ IDE

    Can you compile VCL framework on it though? I don't think so. So how would you do a GUI program? Where do you see Dev C++ fitting in with C++ builder ?
  5. Has anyone got Google Tests (unit testing framework) working with Embarcadero C++ clang compiler? if so, using clang32 or clang64 bit? [or, ideally, both?] I can't find any web documentation that tells me if this is currently possible (Embarcadero 10.4.1) or not. (If there is a helpful URL then I would be grateful if anyone can oblige).
  6. Roger Cigol

    Unable To Find File

    There are still known issues with the code completion in version 10.4. The roadmap suggests that things should be much better in 10.4.2 See Nov 2020 road map
  7. Roger Cigol

    TeeChart with vertical bar?

    I don't think this is in the bundled edition of TeeChart. I achieve this by creating an additional line on the chart and then making points on the line of the background colour along the y = bottom axis and then, where the vertical line should be add a point on the bottom axis of the colour you want the line to be and then add the next point on the y = top axis with the same colour (and same x value) and then any subsequent points go back to the background colour.
  8. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    Thank you. I did realise that my FDMemTable is acting as a mock. But what is the indice ?
  9. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    Hi Uwe - Just spotted that you are different person to Anders. sorry to be so rude (and confusing?) with my last post !
  10. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    Hi Anders, Your first post pointed me in the right direction. I am now getting the expected exception when I deliberately try to post a "duplicate" entry to the table. - great ! really appreciate this. My plan was to do a little more testing (and test writing) and then click on the "thanks" button. But your second post has got me intrigued. I don't know what a query mock indice is. The goal is to have a close match "as is reasonably practical". But since I don't understand/recognise your term I am not qualified to make the judgement as to it being "reasonably practical". If you do have a spare moment to explain it would be really appreciated and valuable to me....
  11. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    I am using DUnit based unit tests to devlop FireDAC VCL C++ code (Sydney 10.4.1). I am using FDMemTables to create test instances of database tables to unit test FDQuery operations etc. So I want the FDMemTable to accurately reflect the structure of the eventual end database table(s). Some (most) of these tables need a primary key, often consisting of several fields. I can find how to add indexes to FDMemTables { using TFDIndex *NewIndex = MyFDMemTable->Indexes->Add() } but I can't find a way to add a primary key to the FDMemTable. Question ; can anyone show me C++ code (or Delphi code is fine too) how to add a primary key to a newly created FDMemTable.