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    What about additional free open source C++ libraries on GetIt ?

    Yes! and I firmly believe that both Newton and Einstein had good ideas [a fact] whilst dreaming [pure conjecture].
  2. Roger Cigol

    What about additional free open source C++ libraries on GetIt ?

    The ease of use with open source C++ libraries is a key feature when choosing a C++ development environment. I agree with your highlighting the need for Embarcadero to direct attention to this.
  3. Has anyone got Google Tests (unit testing framework) working with Embarcadero C++ clang compiler? if so, using clang32 or clang64 bit? [or, ideally, both?] I can't find any web documentation that tells me if this is currently possible (Embarcadero 10.4.1) or not. (If there is a helpful URL then I would be grateful if anyone can oblige).
  4. Hi @RobinP, we have been delayed (again) on moving to Clang because we have found there are some problems Embarcadero have yet to resolve re: building / using your own VCL components that are written in C++. We have a set of "in house" VCL components written in C++ that we use in most (virtually all) projects. It seems we can't use Clang32 or Clang64 with "in house" C++ components at the moment. So we are still on "classic" compiler. Frustrating because we really want to use C++17 constructs now. So we are still on DUnit - (which works fine but is a bit limited). We will come back to this posting when we move forward. (We are waiting for 10.5 which will fix this C++ component issue).
  5. @oliwe Thanks for coming back with an update. I dealt with the same "niggle" in a slightly different way : I have the options for SORTA compile set with "start delay = 5000ms" - so it doesn't keep launching into the compilation until I've not done anything for 5s. This seems to work for me. It's good that we can each set it up to suit our own preferences.
  6. Anyone out there who is an Embarcadero C++ Programmer based in the UK (ideally SW England) with interest in engineering applications ? We could do with working with one (full time?)
  7. "Engineering" means "not video games" and "not accounting packages".......(not that writing good software for these is without it's own challenges - just that our s/w has different challenges!)
  8. Roger Cigol

    Compillation Error: Unable to open file VCL.FORMS.OBJ

    This is almost certainly due to old project library directories not suiting your new set up. You need to go through all the directories specified in your project options and make sure they match 10.2 requirements. As an aside: seems strange to upgrade at this point in time to 10.2 - are you sure you don't mean 10.4.2 (the latest version) ?
  9. Roger Cigol

    CB 10.4.2 Video

    @weirdo12 how did you find the code completion and the debugger (including evaluation of variables and containers) with Clang32 under 10.4.2 ?
  10. Roger Cigol

    Find Declaration and Add Watch

    I think this is because the compiler has optimised the variable away (in effect it has replaced your code with Grid->Row = 6;). So the debugger can't find the variable r because it doesn't exist. The usual settings for compiling under "debug" settings is for optimisations to be turned off. But you can change all these under the project | options. First thing to check is under Project | Options | C++ Compiler | Optimizations | disable all optimizations -> make sure this is set to "true"
  11. This is now in the Getit package manager list for RAD Studio 10.4.2
  12. Roger Cigol

    FireDac Batchmove

    This is all interesting and helpfu - but is drifting off topic ! Original question is still not answered (how to make it work!) Then @Bazzer747 asks the second question about using batch move to a different TFDConnection. (I wonder if this should be in another thread on this forum). This also should work. "work" = move all the records in the source dataset to the destination dataset.
  13. Roger Cigol

    FireDac Batchmove

    Have you got the fetch options for your data source (typically a TFDQuery) set to AutoFetchAll = afAll ? I have got the batch move components to work - but, like all FireDAC, getting the settings exactly right is a bit tricky!
  14. Roger Cigol

    FireDac Batchmove

    Have you got the FetchOptions - Mode property set to fmAll in the TFDConnection you are using for your batch move?
  15. Roger Cigol

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    I think the original subject line for this thread is one where this is quite understandable (and not a bad thing). There is a role for a forum where "rambling discussions" are accommodated. If you look at many other threads here they are more "particular problem focused". Mind you I am completely with everyone here, agreeing that Embarcadero made a disasterous decision when they chose to close down their forum. If you are looking at a new development system in this modern age one of the first things to check is how active is the community on the forum..... As I've said before as well as losing community visibility and the huge volume of useful technical knowledge they also closed down a valuable source of customer feedback. So "Kind of ridiculous... very sad.".
  16. Roger Cigol

    CB 10.4.2 Video

    I've installed 10.4.2. It's looking a much better editor / IDE experience than 10.4 with three patches which was what I was on before.
  17. I am still intrigued as to why you didn't like it before.....
  18. I thought this was the whole point of TwineCompile - it's always whirring away in the background trying to keep all *.obj files up to date. Why do you "not like this" ?
  19. Roger Cigol

    Create a Delphi Dll and load it with DllMain

    I'm not entirely sure that this thread of postings should be here under "C++ Builder"......
  20. Very interesting project. But I worry that even if solved successfully from a technical perspective it may not work for the user. The problem is that the eyes get used to the dim light (retina diameter widens) and then when the screen image suddenly changes to a brighter level, yes, you may be able to bring up the room lightling in response, but your eyes do not react very quickly so you will still feel that the screen is "glaring". In fact because the room lighting has now also suddenly lept up in brightness you may find the overall experience even worse than before.
  21. Roger Cigol

    Modernizing the Dev-C++ IDE

    Can you compile VCL framework on it though? I don't think so. So how would you do a GUI program? Where do you see Dev C++ fitting in with C++ builder ?
  22. Roger Cigol

    Unable To Find File

    There are still known issues with the code completion in version 10.4. The roadmap suggests that things should be much better in 10.4.2 See Nov 2020 road map
  23. Roger Cigol

    TeeChart with vertical bar?

    I don't think this is in the bundled edition of TeeChart. I achieve this by creating an additional line on the chart and then making points on the line of the background colour along the y = bottom axis and then, where the vertical line should be add a point on the bottom axis of the colour you want the line to be and then add the next point on the y = top axis with the same colour (and same x value) and then any subsequent points go back to the background colour.
  24. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    I am using DUnit based unit tests to devlop FireDAC VCL C++ code (Sydney 10.4.1). I am using FDMemTables to create test instances of database tables to unit test FDQuery operations etc. So I want the FDMemTable to accurately reflect the structure of the eventual end database table(s). Some (most) of these tables need a primary key, often consisting of several fields. I can find how to add indexes to FDMemTables { using TFDIndex *NewIndex = MyFDMemTable->Indexes->Add() } but I can't find a way to add a primary key to the FDMemTable. Question ; can anyone show me C++ code (or Delphi code is fine too) how to add a primary key to a newly created FDMemTable.
  25. Roger Cigol

    Primary Key on FDMemTable

    Thank you. I did realise that my FDMemTable is acting as a mock. But what is the indice ?