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    64 bit PostgreSQL and Embarcadero ???

    Thank you fellow programmers for the help. I managed do have path to 32 bit libpq.dll using FDPhysPgDriverLink->VendorLib This way I have active VCL components with connection to Postgresql server that is 64 bit ( version 14.1 on windows 10). Basic functionality works, as to more adventured as Json data type, I have not tested. Before I compile I have to change the property of FDPhysPgDriverLink->VendorLib to have path to 64 bit version of libpq.dll The Embarcadero manual for how to connect to postgresql is not very helpful (old,not tested with new database). The list if dll's I used is larger then in manual as well. I will describe all details after more testing. As of now I have not found where in code to change the property of FDPhysPgDriverLink->VendorLib so it will work for runtime. PS. I installed Lazarus 2.2.0 and connected postgresql as well.
  2. Bogdan Grabinski

    64 bit PostgreSQL and Embarcadero ???

    I am back from Borland C++ Builder 5, skipped 10 years, and now on Embarcadero C++ Builder 11 PRO. I my have annoying questions with all good intentions of better tools. To the point. Attempting to access PostgreSQL 13 installed on local Windows 10 development box, using FireDAC components with 64 bit VCL Windows desktop project. I am getting error message stating the I need 32 bit version of libpq.dll. I got semi smart and supplied path to 32 bit libpq.dll from older postgres version 10, and all started to work at design time. Unfortunately compiled version trow error that it need 64 bit version of libpq.dll. Is there smart workaround this circle of errors embarcadero put mi in? Hope it is just my 10 years of not using excellent productivity tool. Yes I attempted to access Postgresql 14.1 as well, same issue. That I got running 64 bit application. Is there separate path option for libpq.dll 32bit for design time, and 64 bit for rune time?