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  1. Thanks for suggestions, I'll definitely try the component that you mentioned.
  2. I'd add that sometimes UDP more reliable in some configuration eg. when a client is behind a router connecting to outer world. But the source of my question is heterogeneity of clients in my specific client/server configuration: Android App, Delphi 7 App, Web browser. It's kind of monitoring system having various UIs watching changes. Of course it's possible to implement 3 different approaches of data exchange but I'd like to use uniform. So my concern is still one of 3 options: HTTP polling, Web sockets or mix of UDP/HTTP. Obviously, I'd never use Delphi 7 as a backend but it's a requirement of the legacy system.
  3. It would be great.
  4. As far as I got this example is just a websockets server implementation. I did not understand how to build a websockets client (not javascript but Delphi).
  5. Could you clarify what is the websockets test environment?
  6. Dear authors and community. I'd like to use Websockets using ICS library. I know it's not a part of the library but probably someone could share his own implementation or may be has already found in the internet. Thanks in advance. Andrii.