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  1. Hello I am porting a project to FMX (from VCL). I use a TSaveDialog with Filter for the file extensions : SaveDialog1.Filter := 'Acrobat file PDF|*.pdf|'+ 'Excel file(*.xls)|*.xls|'; As the user has choice for some extensions, I use the 'OnTypeChange' event to know the chosen extension. But when I change the extension this event does'nt fire, but the 'OnShow' event fires ! I tried TOpenDialog with the same problem. Some informations : * Delphi Pro 10.3.1 (I tried Delphi 10.3.3) * Event 'OnFolderChange' does'nt fire. Any idea ? Is there any option I missed ? Or a known bug ? Thx
  2. PhilPlus

    Planning for V4 (FMX support)

    OK but on GitHub I see : Is OmniThreadLibrary supported on my platform? At the moment, OTL supports Delphi 2007,...10.3 Rio, and 10.4 Sydney on Win32 and Win64 platforms using the VCL framework. So I thought OTL depended on VCL.
  3. PhilPlus

    Planning for V4 (FMX support)

    Thx Primož My interest is mainly about OTL for FMX (for Android & IOS). Any plan about it ? Phil
  4. Hello Is there any planning for the V4 version ? (sorry if yet answered). Phil
  5. PhilPlus

    Find Declaration and Add Watch

    1/ This function doesn't work when executing the code only in 'dev' mode. Sometimes it doesn't work if the source code is not founded. 2/ Not very clear : any picture of your problem ?
  6. As said to Fr0sT.Brutal it is not true with latest versions, I tried with 10.3.1 and the time is more or less the same !
  7. You are right (it was true with XE7) tested with 10.3.1 more or less the same perfs.
  8. I really don't understant the interest of putting StringReplace out of the current method. Just note that there are a lot of StringReplace more efficient than the RTL one, and I think usi,g it is the best way for better performances.
  9. PhilPlus

    XLS 2 XLSX

    You can open/create XLS/XLSX in Delphi, without Office, with ADO components.
  10. Any news about this project ?
  11. Hello Angus & thx for the answer. Sure : I just had to modify my strategy to accept it.
  12. Hello all. I Use ICS HTTPS client (POST& GET) and all is OK but I have to manage some cases (on local Web servers) where the certificate is self signed or invalid. Is there any option / solution to avoid errors on theses cases ?