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Found 2 results

  1. Martyn Ayers

    BDE Support for Delphi 10.4.2

    Hello, I recently installed the BDE components for Delphi 10.4.2 to test an abswer I was writing on StackOverflow. Then, a couple of days ago, a failed Windows bios update meant that I had to re-install Windows (and Delphi) from scratch. I couldn't immediately find the BDEInst.Exe I'd used to install BDE support (TTable. TQuery, etc) and googling around only led me to a couple of links to installing BDE support from the XE7 era and there is no BDE Installer for 10.4.2 in the "My Registered Products" section of the Idera website. Fortunately, I found the BDEInst.Exe I needed in the Downloads section of my profile under C:\Windows.Old. But, and I realise this might seem a slightly strange question, could somebody "remind" me please where I might have downloaded it from? TIA, Martyn
  2. Antony Danby

    BDE Enterprise installer and Windows 10

    I am sorry to ask about the BDE in 2020, but we are trying to move a client from Windows7 to Windows10 and then eventually from the BDE to FireDAC I installed BDE v5.01 onto my machine using the installer ( 30868_bde_installer_for_rad_studio_delphi_c_builder_10.3_rio ) and apparently in order to give the client the ability to insall the BDE I must find BDE_ENT.msi on my machine ( in %programdata% ) and then give them that file to install. However, I cannot find BDE_ENT.msi anywhere on my system. I have even gone into %programdata% and manually searched for it and it is nowhere to be found. So, I guess my questions are: Do Embarcadero still sell or make available for download or to purchase the Enterprise version for clients ( not developers ) with a proper installer ? Can a proper installer be obtained from anywhere ? If the customer already has a licensed version of the BDE Enterprise (v4) are they allowed to get an updated installer ? Will this work on Window 10 (v4 or the latest version) ? What is the latest version of the client side of the BDE ? Sorry for all of these questions, but like I said earlier I am trying to move a client from Windows7 to Windows10 and then eventually from the BDE to FireDAC. So eventually they will be on FireDAC, but for now we need to get the BDE working.