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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I had an old D7 + BDE + ODBC -> Sage app that did a simple extract from Sage, did a bit of magic and produced a report. Excellent. We upgraded Sage to V29 and the app wouldn't connect, with a not very useful error message. Excel -> ODBC -> Sage was fine. So I thought I would try with D11 Update 1 + FireDAC. After a few hours of fun (there aren't a lot of ODBC FireDAC examples and I don't have the Sage ODBC driver on my dev box), I got a proof of concept that could connect and I could run an SQL against Sage and get data. To cut a long story short, I built the bare minimum to get the data, save it to XML (Using TClientDataset), load it back up and process the invoice & Invoice_Line tables. The actual bits I want look fine, but then I noticed that some of the data in columns appeared to be the same for the whole column. Many hours later, tracing back through, I go back to my fist example AND "select * from invoice" and then finding invoice 99 Doesn't have the same data as "select * from invoice where invoice_number = 99" FOREIGN_INVOICE_NET="1300" (Actually -5.83 if selected via excel & ODBC or using the specific Where clause) FOREIGN_INVOICE_TAX="260" (Actually -1.17) FOREIGN_INVOICE_GROSS="1560" (Actually -7) INVOICE_NET="1300" (Actually -5.83) INVOICE_TAX="260" (Actually -1.17) INVOICE_GROSS="1560" (Actually -7) I'm a couple of days in now and properly pulling my hair out as they found the problem last week and they need the calculation for the monthly ledger entries to close the month off (read a lot of pressure). Does this ring any bells with anyone, any ideas? My next steps are: - get someone to compile my simple app on the latest D11.3 and see if it has the same issue. - get the data out via Excel and use that as the input to my calcs (a temporary solution and a chunk of work). Thanks for your time and thoughts, Jason Added a short video to demonstrate
  2. A long shot and completely related to my other post about d11-update-1-firedac-odbc-to-sage-returning-wrong-data. If I could make the original connection open then all would be good. Basically when I try and connect to the DB in my old app, I get a generic error. I have turned on ODBC logging, which didn't help. Knowing someone else has it working would mean it was worth trying to get to the bottom of that problem, rather than trying to track down a potential bug in D11. TIA JAC.