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  1. Eric Bonilha

    iOS 15.1

    KenR, so when you build a blank application and deploy to iOS 15 with XCode 13 from Delphi 11, it crashes as well and doesn't run?
  2. Eric Bonilha

    iOS 15.1

    Same results with iPhone 11... the blank app just crahes when opening.. in fact I can't even debug it because it crashes before Application.Initialize is even called
  3. Eric Bonilha

    iOS 15.1

    I got the same results with XCode 13.0... Blank application is compiled, deployed to the phone, but it crashes when it opens.. I will try on another iphone now
  4. Eric Bonilha

    iOS 15.1

    Ken, I'm using XCode 13.1 Everything in the compilation and deployment goes smooth but when running the application it crashes Dave, Maybe it could be the XCode, but I don't know if I can downgrade to 13.0 from 13.1 as I'm using XCode 13.1 because that is what was available to me.. I noticed that the apps that were previously compiled works on iOS 15.1 but if I try to make a new app, blank form, with this toolchain (Delphi 11, XCode 13.1 for iOS 15.1 on iPhone 7) then the app crashes. I will try on another iPhone just in case and will try to downgrade XCode
  5. Eric Bonilha

    iOS 15.1

    Hello I have a current issue with our app that is not working properly with iOS 15 and iPhone 12 and 13 (Any other works fine)... So, I updated my tools and the phone I use for development. I'm using XCode 13.1 and Delphi 11 with the latest patch from today applied and an iPhone 7 with iOS 15.1 I'm trying to deploy a BLANK application for testing the new tools and while the compilation and deployment works, as soon as the app runs, it crashes (blank, empty form). When debugging, I got an Error 6 while app is initializing. "Project1 raised exception class 6" This problem happens both with Delphi 10.4.2 and Delphi 11... Is it because of the new iOS 15? Have you guys had this issue already? iOS 15.1 was just released today and I couldn't update my development phone to 15.0.2 that is what my customers complained about, so I had to update to 15.1
  6. Eric Bonilha

    iOS handle incoming url

    @vfbb @Dave Nottage Thank you very much for both of you for your invaluable help. I was able to successfully make the Universal Links within my application. Indeed I had to change Delphi files but I made a local copy of the files and attached to my application (so FMX and RTL source is not changed) and when compiling, the compiler will use my local copy of the modified files and it works like a charm. Hopefully Embarcadero will implement these classes within the RTL in the future
  7. Eric Bonilha

    iOS handle incoming url

    @vfbb I'm trying to do the same thing for my app, but I need to use Universal Links because I'm using the same technique for the Android version of my app and a custom scheme under Android does not work inside GMail app (which is primarily where the link to the application will be, inside an e-mail), so I decided to use Universal Links, and while it works fine and its easy in the Android part, I'm struggling with Apple.. I understand that I have to handle the the incoming activity but I could not even reach that part... I have no idea on how to setup the application itself to be able to receive universal links. There are thousands of tutorials for XCode with native development but I didn't find anything when using Delphi Since you have done the same thing would you explain how did you add the link support in your application? Do we need to change the info.plist.TemplateiOS.xml in some way? I know there is a file that I have to host in my website, but I'm still struggling with the first step, that is to prepare the app to enable universal links Any tips are appreciated! Thanks