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  1. Google Translate: How to dynamically load local images into the ImageCollection image list with code
  2. toms

    [Source code] Swim - small game written in Delphi

    I installed swim.api and get this message when I try to open it (Android 11)
  3. toms

    Delphi Icons with Version Info

    CMD /C Run Command and then terminate CMD /K Run Command and then return to the CMD prompt. This is useful for testing, to examine variables
  4. The two procedures "combined". Instead of serverExecute1() and serverExecute2(), give some meaningful names. procedure TForm1.serverExecute1(AThread: TIdContext); var clients: tlist; i: integer; messaggioprelevato: string; begin messaggioprelevato := AThread.Connection.IOHandler.ReadLn; showmessage(messaggioprelevato); clients := Server.Contexts.LockList;; try for i := 0 to connessi - 1 do try TIdContext(clients.Items[i]).Connection.IOHandler.WriteLn (messaggioprelevato); except end; finally end; Server.Contexts.UnlockList; end; procedure TForm1.serverExecute2(AContext: TIdContext); var FileName: string; TFSFileIn: TFileStream; begin TThread.Synchronize(nil, procedure begin Zilename := 'C:'; end); TFSFileIn := TFileStream.Create(FileName, fmCreate); try AContext.Connection.IOHandler.ReadStream(TFSFileIn); finally TFSFileIn.Free; end; end; procedure TForm1.serverExecute(AThread: TIdContext); begin serverExecute1(AThread); serverExecute2(AThread); end;
  5. Update: A lot of missing spaces inserted Some Br. -> Am. English to make it consistent Some grammatical errors corrected Object Pascal Style Guide - Developers Guide EN.pdf Object Pascal Style Guide - Developers Guide EN.docx
  6. There's something messed up in the docx, E.g. missing spaces between words. Compare the pdf with docx:
  7. I would stick to the notation of the Delphi sources rather than using others.
  8. toms

    Delphi MRU Project Manager

    Use a TSplitter instead?
  9. CoolTrayIcon doesn't use a timer but WM_TRAYNOTIFY + WM_MOUSEMOVE
  10. Retrieve the foreground window when the mouse enters the tray icon using an "OnMouseEnter" event. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49896871/ttrayicon-with-onmouseenter-onmouseleave-events
  11. @mvanrijnen Use https://downsub.com/ DownSub is a FREE web application that can download subtitles directly from Youtube, VIU, Viki, Vlive and more
  12. toms

    Fix for bug in JclShell

    Googled and found this: https://github.com/project-jedi
  13. toms

    ANN: Better Translation Manager released

    This is what I came up about 12 years ago: https://www.delphipraxis.net/120614-bezeichnungen-von-shortcuts-aendern-aber-wie-2.html
  14. toms

    Subforum for Python4Delphi

    Yes, an admin can create it