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  1. toms

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    The issue "Firemonkey form has no animation on minimizing and maximizing in Windows 10." was submitted like 20 times. That means there are duplicates, a lot of duplicates...
  2. InterlockedCompareExchange128 for Delphi: https://github.com/Purik/AIO/blob/dc9f8d95c75aff993b3b7dcc679657bd228d7068/PasMP.pas#L2683
  3. This Delphi VCL component to view, edit, move and hide components on VCL form might also be interesting for you. It comes with full source code & has lots of features.
  4. Does that also apply for my other remark? WindowsExplorer is written like this: Windows Explorer and has been renamed in Windows 10: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ie/help/4026617/windows-10-windows-explorer-has-a-new-name
  5. What's the difference between "Copy this TEXT" and "Copy this FILE" ? Personally I would name these items differently as they look a bit odd (probably a matter of taste): Like "Copy File to Clipboard" (or "Copy Path to Clipboard" ?) and "Copy Text to Clipboard" but I'm not quite sure what the function behind is doing. I would also rename "Show this File in WindowsExplorer" to "Open File Location" (Same terminology as Windows) or at least write "Windows Explorer" instead of "WindowsExplorer"
  6. toms

    Arab in iOS

    With this? http://www.fmxrtl.com/
  7. toms

    ANN: Better Translation Manager released

    In case you just want to use BTM as-is, and don't care to compile it yourself, you can download the application installer here: http://melander.dk/download/
  8. Can't they install the .apk file directly in the meantime?
  9. toms


    Read the comments on this page: https://painintheenglish.com/case/451
  10. toms

    ShellPlus dead?

    Yes - see http://www.aldyn-software.com/support.html
  11. toms

    ShellPlus dead?

  12. And for those who do not have a Delphi-PRAXiS-German account pkgWuppdiWP_DX103R_1-2-2.zip
  13. toms

    ticket created - silent mode for GREP search

    You can attach files to a pm.
  14. toms

    A directory translate

    Does this help? http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Tokyo/en/System.IOUtils.TPath.GetPicturesPath
  15. https://web.archive.org/web/20170503103849/http://www.cromis.net/blog/downloads/cromis-ipc/