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  1. Doug Rudd

    get gdi render output of invisible form

    1. if its its not visible then why do you need to capture an image of it? 2. If you want an invisible app you can make a Console App. And send messages to it to do stuff you want to do. It sounds like you want to do something sneaky, like steal Bitcoins or something.
  2. Doug Rudd

    How to display weather data onto a sphere

    The data must have location info in some kind of polar coordinates, so you can translate them onto the flat bitmap that you use on your sphere.
  3. Doug Rudd

    MacOS: How to remove ambiguous Developer ID certificates?

    Just delete the extra ones.
  4. Doug Rudd

    Delphi 11.0 has a different form Caption offset than Delphi 10.4

    The Delphi 11 version looks better.
  5. You use the same code for Android, except you can only write the file to certain places.
  6. Doug Rudd

    Application is freezing after updating

    Any Android app doesn't necessarily run on all devices and all android versions. It all depends on Android version and SDK version. You can safely use minSdkVersion="19" in Manifest in Delphi Sydney and it will run on more devices. From my tests the app will run on Android 11 to Android 7
  7. Doug Rudd

    How to obtain a path to a folder inside the app bundle?

    In the deployment manager, if you put ".\assets\internal\" as the Remote Path, on start of your app it copies those files to a directory (if they dont already exist) that you can get with: tpath.GetDocumentsPath
  8. Normally, when you have your Delphi macOS Configuration set to "Developer ID" and compile it makes a "apname.zip" file on the Mac. This file is automatically signed and notarized. You just give it to people and they can run it. You can put the file on your website and they can download it. The customer downloads it and drags it to the desktop (or wherever). MacOS understands that it is an application and its ready to run. Normally, if you have other data files that you want to include with your app you use the Delphi "Deployment" settings. They get automatically included in the app and are automatically copied to the user directory where your app can read them. As for 1000 data files, I don't know. I have to add each one. I haven't seen any way to deploy whole directories. Maybe you could change so all that data is in one file like a database.
  9. Doug Rudd

    Catch details on AV

    SmartCrashLog is by Eugene Kryukov, the inventor of FireMonkey.
  10. I have done it. There are a lot of steps to it. How far have you got so far? Is this for putting in the app store or distributing yourself?
  11. Embarcadero has a sample app that shows how to do that: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\Samples\Object Pascal\Multi-Device Samples\User Interface\ScrollableForm
  12. Testing on my Samsung S6 All the apps in the left key app list start new with the splash screen. Delphi apps and non-Delphi apps. If you are in an app and press the middle home screen button and then go to the left key app list and choose it, it starts up where you left off. I think the right key is always supposed to totally shut down an app. The apps in the left key list are not necessarily still running.
  13. Doug Rudd

    What is the best way LoadFromFile & Thread? (FMX)

    You cant be loading the image and displaying it at the same time. you are going to have to load it before you display it. Which means somehow you are going to have to anticipate what images you will need before you need them.
  14. Doug Rudd

    64bit testing hardware/emulation

    I bought a used Samsung Galaxy S6 on eBay. That and any newer S model is 64 bit.
  15. Doug Rudd

    Injecting Pascal into PHP?

    PHP has commands to execute a native console program. Including: exec() - Execute an external program system() - Execute an external program and display the output passthru() - Execute an external program and display raw output escapeshellcmd() - Escape shell metacharacters pcntl_exec() - Executes specified program in current process space Make a console application that does what you want, or outputs HTML. In Delphi you can now make it for Windows or Linux. You can then use it anywhere on a PHP page: <?php echo exec("myconsoleprog.exe myparameters"); ?>