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  1. edwinyzh

    GExperts 1.3.14 released

    Thanks! F5 to refresh in Grep Results window still doesn't work in my Xe4, not sure why.
  2. edwinyzh

    With's the deal with "With"?

    @Gary, after so many years of using MMX I didn't know there is a 'Convert With Statement'!
  3. edwinyzh

    Payment - Monetization - Good international PSP

    FastSpring's Classic e-commerce platform (not their new contextual e-commerce platform), very customizable
  4. Solved, {$R *.res} was somehow missing from the dpr file :P
  5. The compiler somehow always compile a strange icon into my EXE no matter what I do. This issue's driving me crazy (really, after spent a day fixing another resource-related issue and this come out...). Any one can help me? The stackoverflow question is here so I won't repeat the details: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57538331/delphi-icon-of-compiled-exe-is-wrong-and-cannot-be-changed Thanks in advance!
  6. That's not enough if I were you. No matter how many directories you exclude from AV, disabling the real-time protection can still avoid human noticeable performance difference. That's my experience with over 2 AV software a few years ago, not sure how things are going now, nowadays I use only MSE, plus virustotal if needed. BTW, what's the most performant AV software nowadays? When I used ESET it's the most performant one in my experience.
  7. edwinyzh

    Passing back a string from an external program

    If you use mORMot's 'remote procedure call' or 'remote interface call' it'll be simple - in program1 create a server (without any database stuff) and expose the service via named pipe or WM_CopyData windows message. Example: https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/tree/master/SQLite3/Samples/03 - NamedPipe Client-Server
  8. For the same reason I abandoned using VM for Delphi, productivity is the key to me. But benefits described by Dave Novo Dave Novo still stand. And the factors that might affect the performance listed by John Kouraklis definitely worth checking, especially anti-virus software. The real-time protection of any AV software is the major, most significant culprit of performance loss, I think you should use an AV without or allow you to disable real-time protection like me :) IMHO a program don't really need real-time AV protection, you should have the necessary habits to keep you safe from dark side of the Internet.
  9. @Rollo62, You don't have to register to download, use git clone or click the Download Zip link as illustrated above by Markus.
  10. Strongly agreed, I still compile my programs as win32.
  11. This open source project basically can replace dcef3 or cef4delphi (for embedding the Chromium browser into your program), but the size is much smaller - 6mb zipped. I guess not everyone in the English community knows about it since it's hosted in the Chinese version of github :D https://gitee.com/LangjiApp/Wke4Delphi Basically it's a Delphi wrapper for: https://github.com/weolar/miniblink49
  12. edwinyzh

    How do you organize units, forms?

    Agree with @PeterBelow, good naming conventions + GExpert's Procedure List (or CNPack's counterpart) + MMX are enough to achieve quick method navigation.
  13. edwinyzh

    Best delphi so far?

    POV1: D7 is the last non-.net IDE D2007 is the last non-unicode edition, but will a lot of language features added D2009 is the first unicode edition. When was FMX/Linux added? POV2: Check the 'Downloads' column of the statistics data of Andy's IDEFixPack POV3: List of Delphi language features and version in which they were introduced/deprecated
  14. edwinyzh

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    I think it's good for the reach of FmxLinux, as long as KSDev keeps it as their own property, so that the product's development will be kept healthy as is. But if EMBT buys also the IP, I believe it's a bad thing for FmxLinux and its current customer.
  15. It's useful, Thank you Thomas!