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  1. edwinyzh

    Connection string encryption

    I think you nailed it, the others think either bullet-prove encryption or do nothing. And here is a ROT13 algorithm by Andreas Rejbrand: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6800389/133516
  2. edwinyzh

    Minifing HTML

    As for as I know, I don't think there is a ready-made one for Delphi. Maybe find a C library and wrap it for Delphi?
  3. Agreed. Check TSynDictionary from SynCommons.pas of the mORMot framework. SynCommons.pas is self-contained without any dependency.
  4. Sorry, no idea at all, I'm not using it ATM.
  5. As a serious software developer you have to constantly refactor and improve your code.
  6. Auto-trim input string in the "Goto Line Number" box
  7. edwinyzh

    Devart SecureBridge Now Supports Android 64-bit

    Hello Jordan, Is it possible to build a full featured terminal like putty with SecureBridge?
  8. edwinyzh

    How to close Messages window automatically

    I'm using https://github.com/DGH2112/Message-View-Helper by David
  9. edwinyzh

    New Third Party section - DelphiHTMLComponents

    Agreed, public support and discussion here will encourage knowledge sharing and help popularize the product. Please consider, @Alexander Sviridenkov
  10. I'm already doing it here, right? :) They posted the suggestion on the Delphi facebook group already, and I thought GExperts might be able to do it, so my report here. I don't want to upgrade Delphi always, so I'm not very enthusiastic to do that :)
  11. Suggestion === Allow start a new GREP search session with a new window. A use case === Assuming I'm in the middle of reviewing/checking/changing references to a specific function where the amount is not small, and now I need to do another global search for another identifier. A current workaround === Combine the using of the IDE's Find In Files menu. PS, Sorry, I came up with this workaround after finishing writing the above, but FWIW, I still post this suggestion.
  12. Perfectly, like the attached screenshot of the "Follow Link" feature of visual Studio code (provided by Warreñ Postma on Facebook) Thanks.
  13. edwinyzh

    SFTP client

    And what's the result, did it work :)
  14. edwinyzh

    wtf is TForm.Action for?

    The same quick question once occurred to me, I concluded I don't have a use for it, and I just ignore it :)