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    Record and process audio

    Thanks Dave. with your suggestion ( with IOS.SDK 13.2 ) result was the same . I build another opus.framework. There is no error like before but I got error while app trying to launch. Raised exception class 6 and debug info as in attach...
  2. H4k4nn

    Record and process audio

    I need some help about the same issue with lefjucabro I am trying to build opus with this https://github.com/chrisballinger/Opus-iOS/blob/master/build-libopus.sh way. But problem is delphi says But in shell archs is defined as ARCHS="i386 x86_64 armv7 armv7s arm64" What is the problem? Is there anything that I miss for arm64?
  3. H4k4nn

    IOS - 3rd Party Library

    Hello everyone. Delphi 10.3.3 - IPhoneOs 12.1 I have been trying with OPUS for a while. I used this wrapper for my Windows,MACOS and Android. Each one was suitable to work with dynamic libraries. dll,so,dylib. When ios turns to come I had some difficulties. I think there is no chance to use dynamic libs like in other platforms. I ve been looking static or framework for a week but still couldnt run it. What I have done so far is First I tried to get .a static lib file for opus from github sources. Added .a static lib to my project folder and also added Search Path. The problem is And then I followed this way. I built static lib my own macos. Even build.sh includes ARCHS="i386 x86_64 armv7 armv7s arm64" error was After that I tought that is there any way to include opus.framework to my project I also tried like this way and added -framework opus to LD Linker but this time even there is opus file in my opus.framework folder but compiler says that As a result I really dont know how to go on about ios 3rd party lib to be able to add my project. Is there any chance to go with dynamic library ? or has to be static ? any help will be appreciated.
  4. H4k4nn

    IOS - 3rd Party Library

    You mean all I need to do is adding opus.framework to search path and call funcios like function opus_encoder_create(Fs: Integer; channels, application: Integer; out error: Integer): TOpusEncoder; cdecl; external 'libopus' name 'opus_encoder_create'; external libname must be opus or opus.a ? opus has no extension inside opus.framework folder. Should I change it to ".a" ?