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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you all in good health! This year and really weird.... But anyway, let's get back to the point. I recently found a little nugget on the Internet developed by the brilliant @Uwe Raabe : it's a Dataset helper that automatically fills in the properties (or even fields) of an object. The source code can be found at this address : https://www.uweraabe.de/Blog/2017/02/09/dataset-enumerator-reloaded/ I have slightly adapted the source code to use TMS Aurelius attributes (using "Column" attribute instead of "DBField" one provided bu Uwe). The Dataset helper works perfectly well "simple" classes such TCustomer = class private [Column('CustNo')] FCustNo: Double; FCompany: string; FAddress1: string; public [DBField('Addr1')] property Address1: string read FAddress1 write FAddress1; property Company: string read FCompany write FCompany; end; But it gets more difficult as soon as my fields are declared this way: TCustomer = class private [Column('CustNo')] FCustNo: Nullable<Double>;; FCompany: Nullable<String>;; FAddress1: string; FEntity: TObject; public [DBField('Addr1')] property Address1: string read FAddress1 write FAddress1; property Company: string read FCompany write FCompany; property Entity: TObject read FEntity write FEntity; end; At runtime application is throwing "Invalid Type Typecast" exception on every TRTTI.GetValue or TRRTI.SetValue procedure TDataSetHelper.TDataSetRecord<T>.TFieldMapping.LoadFromField(var Target: T); begin FRTTIField.SetValue(GetPointer(Target), TValue.FromVariant(FField.Value)); end; procedure TDataSetHelper.TDataSetRecord<T>.TFieldMapping.StoreToField(var Source: T); begin FField.Value := FRTTIField.GetValue(GetPointer(Source)).AsVariant; end; procedure TDataSetHelper.TDataSetRecord<T>.TPropMapping.StoreToField(var Source: T); begin FField.Value := FRTTIProp.GetValue(GetPointer(Source)).AsVariant; end; procedure TDataSetHelper.TDataSetRecord<T>.TPropMapping.LoadFromField(var Target: T); begin FRTTIProp.SetValue(GetPointer(Target), TValue.FromVariant(FField.Value)); end; I guess this is happening because of either reading/writing values from a Record or an Object. I searched (maybe not enough nor thoroughly) the Internet but I wasn't able to solve this by myself. Can someone helps me sorting this out adapting attached unit to handle simple properties types (integer, double, date, string, boolean....) values as well Nullable one ! (and rejects complex types too 🙂 ) I'll really appreciate some help. Kind regards, Stéphane Ps: I have attached modified Uwe's unit file. Ps2: I'm working with Delphi Sydney Aurelius.Dataset.helper.pas
  2. lefjucabro

    Record and process audio

    Hello there, I am trying to develop an iOS app with Rio. This app must record audio and process it in real time to display some graphs. I am a newbie with FMX platform and iOS, there are lot of informations I don't get There is iOSapi.AVFoundation unit which contains a lot of types (TAVAudioSession, TAVAudioRecorder) but I cannot understand how to use them. For what I understand, I have to define an audio format (2 channels stereo, 16 bits), get the buffer size, create a recording task and then launch recording. In a thread I read samples and fill them into a TMemoryStream for processing. Do you think is this correct ? Do you have any idea how can I do this ? Kind regards Lefjucabro