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  1. kosovali

    Problem with BidiMode

    H.Alignment changes does not affected. Sample output with DrawTextEx WinApi call : procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var Text:String; lpRect:TRect; uFormat:Cardinal; Options: Longint; begin Text:= '123 SAMPLE 456'; lpRect:=Rect(10,10,300,150); uFormat:= {DT_LEFT or }DT_EXPANDTABS or DT_NOPREFIX or DT_RTLREADING; DrawTextEx(Canvas.Handle, @Text[1], Length(Text), lpRect, uFormat, nil); end;
  2. kosovali

    Problem with BidiMode

    I want set "123 SAMPLE 456" to a label But displayed as : " SAMPLE 456 123" My Configuration: Language for Unicode programs : Arabic (Syria) Form BidiMode : bdRightToLeft Can you help me?