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  1. Hello,SiComponents is glad to announce the release of VCL Scheduling Agentversion 2.0.21 with support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney!SiComponents Scheduling Agent is the VCL wrapper for Microsoft TaskScheduler API and Vista Task Scheduler 2.0. The main advantage of usingSiComponents Scheduling Agent in comparison with other scheduling suites isthat the most of work on task maintenance and launching is performed by theoperating system. That is, if you want your application runs in scheduledtimes you do not need to put a timer into the application and make itresident.The Windows will launch the application just-in-time with the parameters andcustom data you have provided.The core component TTaskScheduler and attendant classes make yourapplication be able to do:- Enumerate all tasks on a target computer.- Create new scheduled tasks and delete existing ones.- Schedule a task to run at a specific time or when a specific event occurs.- Change the schedule for a task.- Modify other settings for a task, for example, application name, parameterstring, working directory, etc.- Run immediately or stop a scheduled task.Supported IDEs: Delphi 5 and later, C++Builder 5 and later, RAD Studio ALL versions.Visit https://www.sicomponents.com/taskscheduler/ to find out more aboutthe Scheduling Agent and download the trial version.
  2. Hello, We're glad to announce the release of TsiLang Components Suite 7.8.3! Simple and powerful localization solution for software developers. It's virtually impossible to find popular software that would not be translated (localized) into multiple languages. In fact, even niche and second-tier developers localize their products to increase international sales. Unfortunately, the process of software localization is both time consuming and very expensive. Luckily, developers who use RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder platform can use TsiLang Components Suite to localize their software for worldwide distribution for a fraction of the usual costs. TsiLang Components Suite brings you the complete and universal solution to create easy and fast multi-language or localized applications for ALL target platforms! Version 7.8.3 among with support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney introduced several improvements. Description of the new features and improvements available at: https://www.tsilang.com/whats-new/ Detailed description of TsiLang Components Suite is available at https://www.tsilang.com You can download a fully functional and no time-limit version from https://www.tsilang.com/download-tsilang-components-suite/
  3. Hello, We're glad to announce the release of Resource Builder 4! Resource Builder 4 is the all-in-one solution that includes: Full support for Unicode in resources and RC files. Most precise and fastest RC compiler. Powerful editor for graphic resources and image files such as bitmaps, icons, cursors and other. You can create icons and cursors with any size (up to 1024x1024). Full set of resource editors for almost all resource types: dialogs, strings, menus, accelerators, animated icons and cursors and others. Support for really large resource data and resource files. .NET resources support. and more... Resource Builder web site: https://www.resource-builder.com/ You can download new version from: https://www.resource-builder.com/download-resource-builder/