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  1. I asked this question this afternoon in a Embarcadero Webminar and received this answer :
  2. I knew you need to compile the project with Delphi 10.3, I just wanted to point out that with the previous version it seems to work. The truth is that it is a problem, although support for Microsoft has been withdrawn for years, there are still many customers with XP computers.
  3. I updated a old Delphi 7 program to a Delphi Tokyo (10.2), and can be executed in XP, some problems with delphi vcl styles, but it can run.
  4. Alberto Fornés

    Changes in Parallel Library

    I make a simply use of this library an TTask, and I don't see any problem with it (for sure not full tested), but reading your point "The first task takes forever to start (over a second)" , I would like to know if somebody else can confirm this, because I experimented delays at start, but it did not relate to TTask, because they are tasks that connect to remote servers and I thought that was the problem, but if the TTask start takes a second, it is possible that there is a problem with TTask. I would like to know if in this sense it can be a better to use other alternative like OmniThreadLibrary. Have a good year¡
  5. Alberto Fornés

    Web dashboard application

    I do not know about the MARS Curiosity library, and for the tests that I have done the Delphi MVC Framework of Daniele Teti ( https://github.com/danieleteti/delphimvcframework ) can also serve as backend, and serve the html pages of the application. As a system to style the web pages a good option is https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/, it is small and it will give a modern and responsible aspect for both pc and mobile. You can represent the graphs through the D3 library ( https://github.com/d3/d3 ) that can be fed with json data generated by the MVC Framework backend. As a way to notify changes to the VCL application, you could define events in the database (when you insert, modify or delete a record in a table) and capture them with the TFDEventAlerter (Firedac) component. Other forms would be using websockets. Another library for backend that seems good option and apparently has a good performance is MorMot ( https://synopse.info/fossil/wiki/Synopse+OpenSource ), but I think that for 5 users, MVC Framework may be enough and is more easy to learn (at least for me).
  6. Alberto Fornés

    Berlin and Tokyo slow compared to Seattle

    I can confirm this, the project was so big that was impossible to open with LiveBindings packages installed, so I removed it, and it worked. I would like to know why a project that did not use Livebindings (Delphi 7) is affected in this way.