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  1. y2nd66

    HTML Library 4.5 Released

    Back to action, but editor45trial.zip it's not updated?
  2. y2nd66

    Delphi 11 - Customize Toolbar works very badly

    Work for me, but only running IDE using ...bds.exe" "/highdpi:unaware" "-pDelphi" without this /highdpi option IDE has an bug and sets the default toolbars at every start
  3. y2nd66

    HTML Library 4.5 Released

    Installer in action...
  4. y2nd66

    Delphi 11 - Customize Toolbar works very badly

    With shortcut "Delphi 11 (DPI Unaware)" works normal, here more details and here command line switches I've been using an export of the registry entry since a few versions ago, at least for Toolbars. For example, from 10.4.2 to 11 Export to file .reg the entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\Toolbars I modify the file .reg with \21.0\ to \22.0\ Delete entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0\Toolbars Then import .reg and "voila"... Delphi 11 with the same Toolbar configuration.
  5. y2nd66

    HTML Library 4.5 Released

    both of them
  6. y2nd66

    HTML Library 4.5 Released

    It is impossible to install, at least the Trial, in Delphi 11. In \XE11\packages\XE11 the files *.groupproj do not exist. And
  7. y2nd66

    Delphi 11 first look issues

    With shortcut "Delphi 11 (DPI Unaware)", using: ...bds.exe" "/highdpi:unaware" "-pDelphi" it is possible to customize toolbars, unbelive, eh?!.
  8. y2nd66

    Anybody changing FileVersion directly in dproj file?

    I'm also using a custom solution. IOTAIDENotifier = interface(IOTANotifier) ['{E052204F-ECE9-11D1-AB19-00C04FB16FB3}'] { This procedure is called for many various file operations within the IDE } procedure FileNotification(NotifyCode: TOTAFileNotification; const FileName: string; var Cancel: Boolean); { This function is called immediately before the compiler is invoked. Set Cancel to True to cancel the compile } procedure BeforeCompile(const Project: IOTAProject; var Cancel: Boolean); overload; { This procedure is called immediately following a compile. Succeeded will be true if the compile was successful } procedure AfterCompile(Succeeded: Boolean); overload; end; I set "Include version information in project" and "Do not change build number" for "All configurations - All platforms". Then I manage the values for the compilations at the convenience of my personal settings.
  9. y2nd66

    GetAsync in other Thread

    Thanks. I understand.
  10. Is it possible to use GetAsync from another Thread than main? Or is it that your design logic is not for that? I try to Get a document every second from another Thread and it works fine, but GetAsync does nothing. Get do this: 09:23:15:125am|State = httpNotConnected 09:23:15:126am|Login www.tuenvio.cu 09:23:15:126am|State = httpDnsLookup 09:23:15:201am|Socket DNS Lookup Done -, 09:23:15:201am|Alternate Address: 09:23:15:201am|State = httpDnsLookupDone 09:23:15:201am|connect to 09:23:15:201am|03203960 Socket handle created handle=1144 09:23:15:201am|TWSocket will connect to 09:23:15:338am|SessionConnected, error=0 to ... GetAsync only this: 09:35:46:791am|State = httpNotConnected 09:35:46:791am|Login www.tuenvio.cu 09:35:46:791am|State = httpDnsLookup Thanks.
  11. Yesterday, I wrote an email trying to contact you to "support at ibobjects dot com", with the detail of the modification and asked the same, if was valid or not. Thanks.
  12. More or less, I had to modify the source code of IB_Components.pas I have to test if the change is effective for my entire environment, I still need more time to know.
  13. this is what i was trying to say: Using CHARACTER SET NONE If a default character set was not specified when the database was created, the character set defaults to NONE. Using CHARACTER SET NONE means that there is no character set assumption for columns; data is stored and retrieved just as you originally entered it. You can load any character set into a column defined with NONE, but you cannot load that same data into another column that has been defined with a different character set. No transliteration will be performed between the source and destination character sets, so in most cases, errors will occur during the attempted assignment. from Wiki Embarcadero for Interbase
  14. Now reviewing the code remember not having specified a character set when creating the base. By definition of Interbase the character set defaults is NONE. This value is in use in the source code.