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  1. Kim Madsen

    Encrypting string

    kbmMW Community Edition is free and contains what you need.
  2. Kim Madsen

    Encrypting string

    Here is a blog post about exactly that. https://components4developers.blog/2017/09/01/encryption-of-a-string/
  3. Kim Madsen

    Copy a record from TTable to kbmMemTable??

    kbmMemTable contains several methods for copying from other TDatasets. One is CopyRecords. mt.CopyRecords(sourceds,mt,1,'',false); Or if you yourself has an editable/appended/inserted record spot available on the destination, you can use AssignRecord(sourceds, destds); Both will automatically figure out which fields to copy. CopyRecords will even allow you to map fields to other field names if needed. mt.CopyRecords(sourceds,mt,1,'fld1a=fld1b;fld2a=fld2b',false); Fields in source table fld1a and fld2a is mapped to destination table fields fld1b and fld2b. /Kim
  4. kbmMW's JSON parser is pretty fast. If you have Delphi Berlin, you can visit https://portal.components4developers.com, register and download kbmMW Community Edition which is free. It contains the native JSON, XML, BSON, MessagePack, YAML and CSV parsers/generators.
  5. Kim Madsen

    SmartBinding and SmartEvent/kbMW

    What do you want to know? ;) I am using them in customer projects but being the author I am not neutral ;)
  6. Anders Melander Than you :)
  7. First thank you for mentioning kbmMW. Just FTR, kbmMW is also highly maintained and used in many critical projects, including the ones both bringing lives and protecting them, which goes thru serious scrutiny.