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Found 4 results

  1. toufik

    Encrypting string

    what 's the best way to encrypt a string .?, and to it password for example
  2. hello every one how you all doing ,,,i'm looking for advanced search method wait what ?!!!! ^^^ so i need to search a long text word by word and move to the next one in onther long text in a table field and come back with a result of any match ,,, is that all .....no ,,, we want to highlight that word ,,,easy right and move to the next one i found a paid composant called Rubicon the picture show more detail about it please take a look thanks
  3. RTollison

    converting string to date time

    I have a string in an odd format and am needing to change to datetime format. <DateTime>2021-06-25 08:04:09</DateTime> strtodatetime wants the date to be dd/mm/yyyy time is there a strtodatetime that uses a formatdatetime option?
  4. I am writing up a program to allow users to update/add to registry entries. the registry is for ABC_Auto_File and has different options not just open... I have it up and working but am curious of a better way to parse the info in the registry string. examples of the string in question are: "c:\my folder\myapp.exe" -c "c:\my folder2\myconfigfile" "%1" c:\folder\myapp -c c:\folder2\myconfigfile %1 c:\folder\myapp %1 the -C is there 99.99% of the time but sometimes users have it working without it. but i will be add it in when updating the registry. like wipe and rewrite. myapp is consistent but may include the .exe. current i am removing all the " and %1 the look for the -c anything prior is a string value i want and anything to the right is a sting value i want. i am currently using the copy/pos commands to get that info but am ALWAYS curious if someone has better option for parsing.