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  1. Inside the Code Explorer drag the interface onto the class name. MMX will open a dialog where you can see which methods will be implemented and which method sigatures might possibly get corrected because of changes in the interface definition. EDIT: MMX will show the implemented interfaces below the class name. You can repeat the drag operation to update the class definition whenever the interface definition changes.
  2. jottkaerr

    Delphi 10.3.2 - IdObjs not found

    How old is this code? From browsing the history of the git repository I can see that references to IdObjs.pas have been removed (in the master branch) as early as July 2007, though I did not see a trace of the file itself. I could not find IdObjs.pas in Delphi 2010 and 10.1 either, and a grep for TIdThreadList returned no matches.
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    One letter to the left of dwscript... twice. 😉