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  1. Use OrangeUI Components, you can create full customized grid and list views also have better performance than basic delphi components especially on mobile. (this component little complicated, you have to check demos carefully) http://www.orangeui.cn/?language=en
  2. eg1


    Use this component (commercial), there is the only way for Admob (interstitial&rewarded video) All other resources about Delphi&Admob is old (for xe7 and xe8) https://www.jvesoft.com/wp/admob-support-and-mediation/ https://www.jvesoft.com/wp/delphi-10-3-3-update-mac-and-android-64-bit-support-added/
  3. eg1

    iOS Metal Api FlipHorizontal Crash

    Yes, Cannot call Java instance methods called "init" https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-10150 Apparent bug in linker (ld) when using Facebook Audience Network on iOS https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-27697 both about SDK integration
  4. eg1

    iOS Metal Api FlipHorizontal Crash

    Yes I know but this is useless, I think embc doesn't care bugs, my last hope is community. I have waiting 2 active bug fix, one from 2015 other one from 2020 February and also thank you for your interest, you always trying help other peoples. but community is also dead, embc official forum is closed and this forum is number one on list but still dead. I am so sorry for that happened to Delphi.
  5. Lol 5 year and this bug still live https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53141813/delphi-android-java-class-init-function you can't use most .jar library because of that "init" logic
  6. Hi, Image1.Bitmap.FlipHorizontal; FlipHorizontal dosen't work on iOS Metal Api (app crash immediately) when you use BitmapListAnimation (Image1 bitmap clear, BitmapListAnimation drawing image ) without BitmapListAnimation FlipHorizontal working normal on Image1 (Image1 bitmap have image but not animated) This is crash report; Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Triggered by Thread: 0 Thread 0 name: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Thread 0 Crashed: 0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x00000001e7bc70dc __pthread_kill + 8 1 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00000001e7c40094 pthread_kill$VARIANT$mp + 380 2 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00000001e7b1ff4c __abort + 152 3 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00000001e7b1feb4 __abort + 0 4 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00000001e7aedafc __assert_rtn + 220 5 Metal 0x00000001ea163134 MTLReportFailure + 500 6 Metal 0x00000001ea10ccd0 -[MTLIOAccelBlitCommandEncoder synchronizeResource:] + 48 7 Application 0x0000000101f48b40 DispatchToImport + 160 8 Application 0x0000000101783470 Fmx::Context::Metal::TContextMetal::DoCopyToBits(void const*, int, System::Types::TRect const&)::SynchronizeResources(void*, System::DelphiInterface<Macapi::Metal::MTLTexture>) + 9286768 (FMX.Context.Metal.pas:1260) 9 Application 0x0000000101771bac Fmx::Context::Metal::TContextMetal::DoCopyToBits(void const*, int, System::Types::TRect const&) + 9214892 (FMX.context.metal.pas:1289) 10 Application 0x00000001016ccee8 Fmx::Types3d::TContext3D::CopyToBits(void const*, int, System::Types::TRect const&) + 8539880 (FMX.Types3D.pas:4670) 11 Application 0x0000000101769280 Fmx::Canvas::Gpu::TCanvasGpu::DoMapBitmap(NativeUInt, Fmx::Graphics::TMapAccess, Fmx::Graphics::TBitmapData&) + 9179776 (FMX.Canvas.GPU.pas:913) 12 Application 0x00000001015ac9fc Fmx::Graphics::TCanvas::MapBitmap(NativeUInt, Fmx::Graphics::TMapAccess, Fmx::Graphics::TBitmapData&) + 7358972 (FMX.Graphics.pas:6083) 13 Application 0x000000010159fb54 Fmx::Graphics::TBitmap::Map(Fmx::Graphics::TMapAccess, Fmx::Graphics::TBitmapData&) + 7306068 (FMX.Graphics.pas:4139) 14 Application 0x000000010159e6d0 Fmx::Graphics::TBitmap::FlipHorizontal() + 7300816 (FMX.Graphics.pas:3969) Can anyone understand this crash report?
  7. when uncheck FacebookAdapter files, compile and link successfully. I think this sdk files have problem. I check lipo -info, only 2 arch inside "armv7 arm64" should I remove armv7? My .info.plist UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities like that, should I edit this? Thank you, I don't expert all this things just trying to fix this problem <key>UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities</key> <array> <string>arm64</string> </array>
  8. this messsages change and X for this, now I got this error; The following error was returned: 'Unable to install package. (e8000051)'
  9. "Unable to install package (e800801x)" I sign and deploy FAN SDK without problem, JVEsuit have tutorial for this process. I tried same to google adapter sdk but failed when I try the compile after add signed files to deployment. This error about wrong sign but I did correct (same sign pipeline is worked on fan sdk) also I deleted extra architectures (simulator arch) in FacebookAdapter with "lipo FacebookAdapter -remove x86_64 -remove i386 -output FacebookAdapter" (Yegor Kurbachev helped for this), but still I can not deploy this signed sdk. ----------- also I tried different way, I added to linker "-weak_framework FBAudienceNetwork -framework FacebookAdapter" (FBAudienceNetwork is dynamic here) compile and link successfully. Application dosen't crash on start because of "weak_framework" but FBAudienceNetwork loading probly failed on background also I added JVEsuite FAN SDK with sign and deploy (I check logs JVEsuite FAN SDK initialize successfully) but I don't know google adapter used which one 🙂 and can not test, facebook ads only delivering when your apps live (publisher told me like that), I hope this will work this is my last hope.
  10. I tested JVE FAN, its working (with sing and deploy dynamic library). But I have another problem I'm trying Admob Mediation, I have too add admob facebook adapter sdk (https://bintray.com/google/mobile-ads-adapters-ios/FacebookAdapter) But when added this adapter its requesting FAN SDK and we can not add FAN SDK. also I tried to sign and deploy adapter sdk but deployment failed, I think adapter sdk not suitable to sign and deploy. (I dont know which sdks can be sign and deploy or not ) is there any way to use Admob Mediation Facebook? thank you for any tip and helps https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/mediation/facebook
  11. any update? I stuck here too. same problem: https://github.com/Gamua/Adobe-Runtime-Support/issues/261 https://developers.facebook.com/support/bugs/2382427331879496/ Also jvesoft have Admob and Facebook Audience component but I don't understand how he is added this framework successfully https://www.jvesoft.com/wp/configuring-ios/