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  1. Jeff Overcash

    embedded IB project sample?

    Database unavailable often happens because you have multiple InterBase installs and have the IB_PROTOCOL environment setting set either globally or within the IDE's local variables. If that variable is set it must match the running server's port name. If it doesn't you can not make local connections only loopback TCP connections. You do not need IB_PROTOCOL set for anything it is just a quick way to identify the running instance so you can remove the environment variable without worry. It is one of the first things I remove after installing a new RAD or new IB instance (I keep all mine on port 3050 just manually start the one I want to test against).
  2. Jeff Overcash

    Change Views (2017 vs 2020 Server)

    A little more on this. There was originally a bug with deletes so you need the latest patched version of IB (2020 and 2017 I am sure). But with FireDAC there is more you have to do to see deletes. "FireDAC is very different. In order to display deleted rows from a ChangeView, it is necessary to switch the FDQuery into cached updates mode. You then have to add rtDeleted to the FilterChanges property, which is only available when CachedUpdates is true. Once I did this, I saw the deleted rows. So it would seem, with a default FDQuery, deleted rows are actively excluded when querying from a change view that records deleted rows"
  3. Jeff Overcash

    Change Views (2017 vs 2020 Server)

    I am not familiar with how FireDAC ended up implementing it. IBX has an IBSubscription class for managing subscriptions, but much beyond that it will be manual to transfer changes from the main DB to a secondary or back. You would just start a snapshot transaction, turn on the subscription read the data like normal and then walk the result set to and use a second connection and component to apply the changes. Adding some sort of merge feature would not be that difficult I think, but also something I'd have to wait until the next time I can do an interface breaking change. Probably as simple as a MergeChangesTo and you pass an IBDatabase to use and it would use the existing InsertSQL et al but against the passed connection vs the original one.
  4. Jeff Overcash

    Change Views (2017 vs 2020 Server)

    I do recall an issue with FireDAC and Deletes in Change views (for some reason IBX was not affected). I thought it was fixed in the latest patches for both 2017 and 2020, but I might be mistaken on that. I have pinged Sriram on this to see if he can shed more light on it.
  5. Jeff Overcash

    Interbase Int64 support

    That would be a bug in FireDAC. What you can do though is in your DB set up an Int64 domain that is numeric(18,0) and then it should go through. I had a similar bug in IBExtract in IBX.
  6. Jeff Overcash

    Interbase Int64 support

    Try numeric(18,0). InterBase does not have an alias for Int64 directly, but 18,0 is an int 64.
  7. While I do not support Firebird, I also try not to introduce incompatibilities. As long as Fb does not break backward compatibility you should be ok. There is one caveat with this and it is more around the service API I think. In most cases the Fb developers made sure to introduce new constants in a range higher than the original 6.0 open source release so they would not overlap with new ones introduced by IB. With the service API though they just started at the next number so there are instances that Fb constant reflects a different function than the IB one. For the past 22 years though there have been very few incompatibilities. One of the reasons I went to an Interface/registration type system (see IBX.IBIntf.pas) for loading and resolving the client interface was so the Fb users could easily create a FbServer (which would look much like IBServer) class and intercept when data needs massaging to Fb constants before being sent to the server. Some new features may or may not work like the RAD 11.0 PrecommittedReads feature to do reads through a connection-level pre-committed transaction so the dataset can stay open forever without causing OIT/OAT issues. I do not know if Fb ever copied that feature from IB.
  8. Jeff Overcash

    Database in Delphi

    InterBase does not return a record count on a select statement (it always returns 42) because this is expensive to do. So RecordCount reflects the number of records fetched to the client. Just call FetchAll after open if you want an accurate RecordCount. If you are going to loop through the records just loop till Eof. RecordCount is not needed to work through the result set. FindFirst and FindNext are when you are filtering a Dataset on the client side.
  9. Jeff Overcash

    Interbase Get Days count of a month

    To get the count of days in a month just subtract (as dates) the first day of the next month from the first day of this month. Actually, as long as the day is the same from both months that works too so don't have to start with day 1 of the month. select cast('2/1/2021' as date) - cast('1/1/2021' as date) from rdb$database returns 31. select cast('3/15/2020' as date) - cast('2/15/2020' as date) from rdb$database returns 29 for Feb in 20202 etc. Stano's only gives you the dates of the first and last days of the passed in month, you still need to subtract them and add 1 to get the number of days.
  10. Jeff Overcash

    Problem with clearing ADO Tables

    your problem is in your empty Table procedure TfrmEntry.EmptyTable(tbl: TADOTable; tablename: string); var MyCmd: TADOCommand; begin tbl.Active := true; MyCmd.CommandText := 'Delete * from '+tablename; MyCmd.Execute; tbl.Active := false; end; You have a local variable named MyCmd, but you never initialize it. Nor do you hook it up to the connection. try this instead procedure TfrmEntry.EmptyTable(tbl: TADOTable); var MyCmd: TADOCommand; begin MyCmd := TADOCommand.Create(nil); try MyCmd.Connection := tbl.Connection; MyCmd.CommandText := 'Delete * from ' + tbl.TableName; MyCmd.Execute; finally MyCmd.Free; end; end; Note you have 2 MyCmd variables. One is local to your EmptyTable procedure and one public to your form, but neither is shown to ever be created. You need to both instantiate a TADOCommand object (the .Create ) and you need to tell it what connection to use (setting the connection property). Don't forget to clean up the variable when done.
  11. Jeff Overcash

    Sql Update

    Actually, the message is accurate. You do not have a table alias visible in the set part named I. Assuming Currate is in the invoice table (what you aliased as I "I" the where clause tryt UPDATE INVDETAIL ID SET ID.UPRICELOCAL=(ID.UPRICE-(ID.UPRICE * ID.DISCPERC /100)) * (select I.CURRRATE from invoice i where i.rno = id.rno) WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM INVOICE I2 where I2.RNO = ID.RNO) This part (select I.CURRRATE from invoice i where i.rno = id.rno) should reflect wherever currrate is.
  12. Jeff Overcash

    ibtogo64.dll not found in the path

    IBDatabase works just fine. You set the Server type to IBEmbedded instead of IBServer to work with the embedded version of IB (Either IBToGo or IBLiite, license determines which mode the embedded works as).
  13. Jeff Overcash

    Attempted Update During Read Only Transaction

    Because Precommitted transactions do not get a transaction ID and can basically run forever without causing growth in the TIP page, the wisql window in IBConsole defaults to read-only transactions (not to be confused with a read-only database). To change this click Transactions | Options and just switch the radio button from read to write. If you always want it to be a writeable transaction check the Set as Default at the bottom.
  14. Jeff Overcash

    Interbase 2007 ->2020

    Log in to the server node itself, then on the backups node right-click it and select restore. From there should be rather self explanatory. It is hidden and only available with the server node logged in even though that isn't necessary to do the restore itself.
  15. Jeff Overcash

    Interbase Metadata View User Privileges

    Well, technically you can never hide your table structures cause clients can/have to get at that and have to get at that when SQL is prepared (and plans will tell someone really interested in the relationships). What you can do though is null out your trigger and SP source in rdb$triggers and rdb$procedures leaving behind the binary version of it as that is what IB uses not your source. So the real "brains" of your DB can not be extracted. They can get at input and output variables (once again the server has to tell clients about that information so even hiding the metadata it can be extracted by someone knowing how), but how those variables are used internally can be hidden by removing the source after it is compiled. BLR is not recompiled on backup/restore so the no source is nor harmful to any operations.