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  1. FredS

    Pre-select a Radiobutton in a TTaskDialog?

    Setting 'default' will select it.
  2. FredS

    What's the best common folder for...

    Stefan covered that under 'for the program itself ', don't clutter up Documents with stuff that isn't for the user's end use.. annoying 🙂
  3. FredS

    SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems 64-bit

    On Windows 10 1903.18362.476. Also your code doesn't `CoUninitialize` if IIDL is nil. ..and what does GetLastError say when you get IIDL=nil?
  4. FredS

    SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems 64-bit

    shell32 is declared in Winapi.ShlObj in the implementation section. const shell32 = 'shell32.dll'; You in Berlin or UP, or something else? You know asking Qs without supplying sufficient information simply leads to what you see here..
  5. FredS

    SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems 64-bit

    Works fine in Berlin+ Win64..
  6. FredS

    SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems 64-bit

    Defined in Winapi.ShlObj.
  7. With include files one can change the inline option and skip all those IFNDEFs, tested with Berlin and up. In this case the include file includes a CustomInclude.inc, which is part of the project. This makes it simple to edit in the IDE as required. /// <remarks> /// NOTE: You can override this in CustomInclude.inc, but it requires a Build /// and won't update the Blue Dots /// </remarks> {$IFNDEF RELEASE} {-$INLINE OFF} // un-comment as needed {$ENDIF RELEASE}
  8. FredS

    Closing an external App.

    You're banking on no other form using 'TMainForm' as a class name on the system? I'd use Process Info instead, quick search gave me this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2616279/how-can-i-get-other-processes-information-with-delphi
  9. Yup, or for readability (10+ years later) add it as a last parameter with a default value.
  10. FredS

    Windows product ID (from the registry)...

    Works here.. but that code should only run if 'IsWin8'
  11. FredS

    Windows product ID (from the registry)...

    The line with 'isWin8' is required and correct and the line following with 'data[66]' should only be executed if isWin8=true.
  12. FredS

    GExperts and virus scanners

    Sure doesn't increases my confidence, what about False Negatives.. 🙂
  13. FredS

    Debugger in 10.3.3 is useless :'(

    Changed that option then used Notepad++ to generate 4 lines with LF only, pasted into 10.3.3, saved and opened the file in Notepad++, LF still terminates two of the line endings. File another bug report? 🙂
  14. FredS

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    I read that as 'why can't Andreas fix all their bugs' 🙂
  15. FredS

    Debugger in 10.3.3 is useless :'(

    Or don't install EMB anything 'till your daily backup ran then recovery is a click away 🙂