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  1. FredS

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    To paraphrase a post; it now takes two MVPs to update a plug-in for D11 HighDPI..
  2. Sure, its only been what.. well under a decade 🙂
  3. FredS

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    Explains some complaints I've heard..
  4. FredS

    Firebird Admin Tool

    Always loved Flamerobin, one of the best functions in Flamerobin is their quick way to 'Generate rebuild script'..
  5. FredS

    UAC request minimized instead of full-screen

    I also ran a couple of tests and it made no diff; Zero, GetDesktopHandle, GetActiveWindow, Application.Handle and Mainform.handle all appeared as normal.
  6. Be happy with what you've got 🙂
  7. FredS

    UAC request minimized instead of full-screen

    My point was that your user can disable it which is why it may show up as you first described. Secondly, if an option can be set it can be read, that way at least you would be able to alert the user that such a thing might occur..
  8. FredS

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    I wouldn't go as far as that but certainly there have been plenty of high end components where the source didn't compile. This tells me that few or none do this anymore.. used to be the norm..
  9. FredS

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Or offer a Community Edition first? The only problem with that would be that would increase the reported bug count dramatically..
  10. Stopped that after the 'Flow control Highlights' became available, at least in IDEs that support it.
  11. FredS

    UAC request minimized instead of full-screen

    Its a bad feature: Disable Full-Screen Windows 10 User Account Control (UAC) Prompts On Your PC, Here’s How
  12. This version has so far worked well on Win7, but when altering options there is (repeatable) this: Access violation at address 500C4163 in module 'rtl280.bpl'. Read of address 17775000. [500C4163]{rtl280.bpl } System.TypInfo.GetEnumName (Line 1630, "System.TypInfo.pas" + 20) + $4 [5005FAC2]{rtl280.bpl } System.UTF8IdentStringCompare (Line 17746, "System.pas" + 3) + $4 [50CED2C2]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomCombo.GetItemIndex (Line 4276, "Vcl.StdCtrls.pas" + 4) + $11 [500C40FF]{rtl280.bpl } System.TypInfo.GetEnumName (Line 1616, "System.TypInfo.pas" + 6) + $C [170EDFBD]{mmx_bds22.dll} PropInfo.TObjectAccess.GetValues (Line 507, "PropInfo.pas" + 7) + $29 [170ED74C]{mmx_bds22.dll} PropInfo.CopyProperties (Line 198, "PropInfo.pas" + 12) + $9 [1735F78F]{mmx_bds22.dll} PascalOptionsFrm.TMMXPascalOptionsForm.ApplySettings (Line 104, "PascalOptionsFrm.pas" + 1) + $14 [17248612]{mmx_bds22.dll} MMX.Options.Form.TOptionsPage.ApplySettings (Line 720, "MMX.Options.Form.pas" + 2) + $6 [17247CA1]{mmx_bds22.dll} MMX.Options.Form.TOptionsShellForm.ApplySettings (Line 435, "MMX.Options.Form.pas" + 3) + $F [17247BC1]{mmx_bds22.dll} MMX.Options.Form.TOptionsShellForm.ApplyBtnClick (Line 389, "MMX.Options.Form.pas" + 2) + $2 [50CC8223]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Controls.TControl.Click (Line 7660, "Vcl.Controls.pas" + 9) + $8 [50CF03F6]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomButton.Click (Line 5875, "Vcl.StdCtrls.pas" + 3) + $2 [50CF1580]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomButton.CNCommand (Line 6510, "Vcl.StdCtrls.pas" + 1) + $B Similar may have happened while altering 'Metrics' but this one is repeatable when changing the 'String Identifier Prefix' and either clicking 'Apply' or 'OK'. It won't save the changes, after a restart if I go in and ONLY change this single option it works. Changing 3 or 4 using 'Apply' a couple of times and coming back to this ends the same way..
  13. Still using MMX 14.05 on Win10 🙂 Which makes it easier to ignore all those parsing errors! That new RED icon makes you look at all those directives which are ignored.. I may just revert to 14.05 on Win7 and leave that alone, if no other users are reporting these issues and you can't reproduce then we may just leave it at that. I am noticing some slow down since installing 15.0.47 in D11.. and LSP issues. Could be those exceptions and a reboot is needed..
  14. FredS

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Unfortunate History tells me that this is when the real headaches get started.. unlike everyone that wants a bug report with full details from coders, the end user base usually just tosses it out and don't even bother to report those 'unknown' issues..
  15. FredS

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    Sure seems that way, won a bet that we'd have 10.5 before key issues in 10.4 where solved..
  16. FredS

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    So at least one step above 'unusable' 🙂
  17. Unfortunately a similar Error now happens in Berlin on Win7: exception class : EAccessViolation exception message : Access violation at address 50122684 in module 'rtl240.bpl'. Read of address 0ECED000. thread $1108: 50122684 +0c8 rtl240.bpl System.TypInfo 1610 +20 GetEnumName 0e85d9ad +12d mmx_bds18.dll PropInfo 507 +7 TObjectAccess.GetValues 0e85d158 +0dc mmx_bds18.dll PropInfo 198 +12 CopyProperties 0eae506b +017 mmx_bds18.dll PascalOptionsFrm 104 +1 TMMXPascalOptionsForm.ApplySettings 0e9cd3d6 +00e mmx_bds18.dll MMX.Options.Form 720 +2 TOptionsPage.ApplySettings 0e9cca6d +025 mmx_bds18.dll MMX.Options.Form 435 +3 TOptionsShellForm.ApplySettings 0e9cc7c7 +01f mmx_bds18.dll MMX.Options.Form 354 +4 TOptionsShellForm.Execute 0e9cc5c0 +138 mmx_bds18.dll MMX.Options.Form 257 +27 TOptionsRegistry.Execute 0ea40222 +022 mmx_bds18.dll MMXEditorToolsDM 1257 +2 TEditorToolsDataModule.MMXPropertiesActionExecute 5017009f +00f rtl240.bpl System.Classes 16683 +3 TBasicAction.Execute 50a8cd86 +086 vcl240.bpl Vcl.ActnList 260 +19 TCustomAction.Execute 0ea7ecee +012 mmx_bds18.dll MMX.ActionProxies 180 +2 TActionProxy.ActionExecute 0ea7eaa4 +028 mmx_bds18.dll MMX.ActionProxies 86 +3 TBaseActionProxy.actActionExecute 5017009f +00f rtl240.bpl System.Classes 16683 +3 TBasicAction.Execute
  18. Thanks, but D11 isn't ready to leave the 'Sandbox' yet but maybe eventually..
  19. FredS

    How to focus a window from another application?

    BringWindowToTop give it keyboard focus here.. of course I'm not dealing with minimized.. FYI it also gets focus if on a different virtual desktop. This works here, suspended or not.. hFrame := FindWindow('ApplicationFrameWindow', 'Calculator'); if isIconic(hFrame) then ShowWindow(hFrame, SW_RESTORE) else BringWindowToTop(hFrame);
  20. FredS

    How to focus a window from another application?

    @Lajos Juhász I assume you replied to me.. best to use a tag like I just did or quote some part of the text else a user never gets alerted. Only checked back here because of a 'Like'.. Maybe we are missing some info? All this assumes your calls are made from the Active input Window, and Calculator actually has the 'Calculator' caption. I did run SpyXX first and my version 20H2 has an actual window 'Calculator' buried within that framework and BringWindowToTop claims, and does on my system, bring that to the Top.
  21. FredS

    How to focus a window from another application?

    This works for me, even switches desktops if you have more that one: BringWindowToTop(FindWindow( nil,'Calculator')); EDIT: the desktop switching is a bit flaky though..
  22. I think you forgot the sarcasm tag 🙂
  23. New branch: https://github.com/fschetterer/DDevExtensions/tree/RemoveDMPixelsPerInch Makes it easier to share code with older versions of Delphi. Although it works fine here it could use some testing before I add a pull request.