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  1. For me properties are beautiful - they make clear and explicit how items of an interface can be used and, as Anders Melanders states, they hide the internals. And the way the VCL or FMX design time component system works (which relies on properties) is beautiful too.
  2. I use datamodules alot - I remove them from the autocreate list and then manually create and delete them in code (initialising with a nullptr for the owner (I'm a C++ gent)). I find this very convenient. Using pooled connections I find this works well.
  3. Roger Cigol

    XMLMapper crashes out on recursive XML Schema

    Lars, out of interest, where did you get the *.xsd schema that you posted on the RSP-36887? is it a public file or is it subject to confidentiallity and/or copyright issues ?
  4. Roger Cigol

    ISO8901: Week numbers and year

    I can't help here. But I can offer a warning to inexperienced "week number" users (which you may NOT be, I realise) and that is to beware of the week number 53 that does occur from time to time. I spent a long time debugging someone elses code once that stored week data in an array size [52] and overflowed causing corruption when week 53 came along.
  5. Roger Cigol

    XMLMapper crashes out on recursive XML Schema

    I notice a reply from David Millington on RSP-36887
  6. Roger Cigol

    Frequent and/or annoying typos you make while coding

    I find this all reassuring - all it really means is that we are all human. Which reminds me, I need to stop and go and cook the evening meal.....
  7. When I open any particular forum item it always opens on the first page. I guess this is a good idea if it's the first time one is reading that set of postings. But surely it is more common that you are going back to see recent additions to and ongoing discussion ( I do this regularly ). It would be much more convenient if, when opening and individual forum item, it opened on the last page (and perhaps even showing the most recent (ie the last) entry ?)....
  8. Roger Cigol

    Got to last page of forum item ?

    To much to do and so little time..... Didn't spot that link - many thanks : I can see myself using this frequently (therefore saving just a little time and therefore getting just a little more done....)
  9. Roger Cigol

    Got to last page of forum item ?

    Hi Lars, That's exactly what you need ! but what a circuitous route to get there. How am I supposed to know about this link (as a relatively new forum user?). Or do your regular users often go to this "unread" view and work from there?
  10. Roger Cigol

    Which version BDE

    My mistake - Word press got the better of me - try this link ! https://cigolblog.wordpress.com/?s=Updating+from+Paradox+-+Handling+field+names+containing+%23+symbol.
  11. Roger Cigol

    Which version BDE

    I had a job to move away from a BDE / Paradox system to FireDAC MS Access a while back. I ran into a problem which I solved as discussed here - might (or might not) be useful: https://wordpress.com/post/cigolblog.wordpress.com/294 (wrong link: see posting below)
  12. Hi Tim, Just spotted you message - thanks for your interest. Definitely looking for a C++ developer....
  13. Roger Cigol

    Which version BDE

    You can still get the depricated BDE with the 11.0. "but have now trouble to get the program I make to work on windows 10." - you need to work out if your problem is related to Delphi 7 issues or to the database interface using BDE. If it is just the Delphi 7 holding you back then in theory you can solve it by using 11.0 and continue using the BDE. But you are on a road to problems. I would suggest change your interface to FireDAC and never look back ......
  14. Roger Cigol

    View most recent postings.

    Following on from "unreliable login of new users" - Delphi-PRASiS seems to be becoming (at least for me) the main replacement for the sadly missed Embarcadero Forum. So it is important that new users can log in easily and it is important that spam doesn't get here. But what I really miss (or perhaps I don't know how to set up) is a view mode that lists all postings in order of chronology of latest posting - with the most recent at the top. This would be good so a quick glance would show any "new" activity and give me the feeling (illusion?) that I am keeping up to date with what is going on.
  15. Roger Cigol

    View most recent postings.

    Thank you @Uwe Raabe - I hadn't seen this option. It almost works. A screen shot shows them sort of listed in a useful order. But there are four or five "pinned" entries at the top - which I don't need! I wonder how I pinned these? more importantly perhaps you can tell me how to "unpin" them. But your help is much appreciated
  16. Roger Cigol

    Delphi 11, migrate or wait

    Warning: With RAD Studio 11 there is currently an issue with TLabelledEdit if you have the label to the left of the edit box. The positioning of the label sometimes is wrong at design time and it doesn't re position correctly if you update the label contents at run time. If you use TLabelledEdit with labels to the left of the edit box then check this out before moving projects to 11.0. Embarcadero know of this issue. It is not fixed in the "Novemeber" patch.
  17. Roger Cigol

    DP not reliably approving new users?

    But if you want to make your forum really popular the "free beer" idea might be worth a try......
  18. Any computer science / electronic engineering students out there wondering what to do after garduating next summer?
  19. Just to agree with everyone re: floating point use I point out that "1.025 sometimes stored as 1.025000001 or 1.0249999999" is an incorrect statement. This is how the numbers are DISPLAYED when converted to decimal. They are stored in BINARY floating point, typically based on the standard IEEE 754-1985 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-1985). Before everyone shouts: I know this is not the latest version of IEEE-754 - but linking to the 1985 version (which only discusses binary floating point) is easier when the discussion is limited to the Delphi (or C++) floating point types.
  20. Roger Cigol

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    My tool bar customisations won't stay between different IDE restarts. eg. Add some extra buttons (using the tool bar customisation) and then close the IDE and restart and they are not there. This is very frustrating. I gather that this is a known issue but won't be fixed until 11.1. It's a major inconvenience (I am well behaved and resisting the very strong urge to shout).
  21. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    Checking up on this it seems that #include <xxx.h> is recommended for including standard headers only. What are you trying to achieve by using this rather than the normal #include "xxx.h" syntax?
  22. Roger Cigol

    code completion?

    Strange: I don't get any characters - can you tell us what "characters" you get ?
  23. A word of warning: there seems to be some issues with GooglTest framework and C++ in RAD Studio 11.0. I am working on this and will post news as and when it is available !
  24. us C++ programmers have had this since the begining - it's very common to just use a pair { } and create a local variable that exists only for the extent of the braces
  25. I'm not sure that I agree with this. The VCL IDE is not too tricky to get the hang of. I've spent my whole working life learning to program and am still finding there's lots more to learn. I guess it comes down to what you mean by "learning the language". It doesn't take long to learn to order two beers in a foreign language but that doesn't mean you can speak it..... Either way there's always more to learn - I'm just looking for someone who is interested in learning and good at learning.... Then I can help them on their way with interesting challenging but rewarding (both job satisfaction and financially) work....