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  1. Larry Hengen

    Printing Multiple Charts that Span Pages

    I also had issue in the past using different ppDevices to render PDF. The PDF text and images were sometimes blurry. Any advice hot to address that?
  2. Larry Hengen

    Printing Multiple Charts that Span Pages

    I am currently not using a reporting tool but I have used ReportBuilder in the past. It is one of my more favorite report writing tools, but I was not aware that it would provide the functionality I desire for this use case. Do you use it to print an image of the chart? If that is the case then would you not still have to determine the image resolution to use, and where to segment it so it would fit on a page with the legend?
  3. Anyone ever printed charts that are segmented to fit each page with a legend? Client wants PDF output with multiple graphs vertically on the page with a user defined horizontal extent (ie: 50 metres) of each graph appearing on each page with a legend beside it. Not quite the same problem as just printing an oversize image. Any recommendations on approach or tools for Delphi?
  4. Larry Hengen

    InterBase or Firebird?

    I would only use SQLLite for smaller mobile projects. I have found that Firebird 3.04 performance is much better than SQLLite on my laptop and it has a richer set of data types and more features.
  5. Larry Hengen

    Changes in Parallel Library

    I agree with that assessment. I would use the OmniThread Library before the PPL or roll my own threads.
  6. Larry Hengen

    How best to update from 10.3.1 to 10.3.2?

    The answers to your questions would be 'ask Embarcadero', and 'Embarcadero'. It is really pointless to ask such questions here. I have advocated for an in-place upgrade mechanism for a long time now. The response I received from Marco IIRC, is that it was under consideration but was a very complex issue to address because the product is so big and involves third party components. There are lots of similar products that have AutoUpdate functionality so I don't think this is an insurmountable problem, but EMBT has other more important issues to deal with such as keeping the frameworks and compiler tool chains up to date with an accelerating pace of change on all the supported platforms. They didn't have time to bring FMX to Linux, so they acquired it from KSDev. As with any 25+ year old product, there is also technical debt to address.
  7. Larry Hengen

    Left Click Does not Focus Control

    Thanks for the answer. It's always nice to know why. Actually the Caption bar is one of the things I liked about using embedded forms, that and the OnCreate/OnClose events. I have switched things to use TFrame descendants, which works reasonably well, but I had to introduce my own caption bar and deal with the lack of the events I mentioned.
  8. Thanks all for the replies! I tried it out and it certainly beats copy/pasting from the interface. This feature has been unknown to me until now. I wish I had asked earlier. Is there a similar way to implement an event handler when you don't know what the declaration is? I usually end up drilling into, or using GExperts to search through, the vendor source code (if I have it). Sometimes I have to write down the handler definition given by code insight, and then code the handler manually. I assume there is probably a better way?
  9. Please forgive the question if it's seems obvious. I have always Implemented an interface in a new class the hard way in Delphi by copying the interface members from the interface into the class and using class completion to generate the methods. Is there a way to do so in the Delphi IDE without such a manual brute force technique? I don't see anything in the Refactor menu and invoking Class Completion on a class with an unimplemented interface does nothing. Is this only possible through a third party IDE add-in like MMX? I would think that in the age of interface based development, making it easy to define and implement interfaces would be a well supported use case within the IDE, so I am assuming I just don't know of it. It's a snap in Visual Studio.
  10. Larry Hengen

    Left Click Does not Focus Control

    Of course you are right. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Larry Hengen

    Left Click Does not Focus Control

    I have a TForm descendant that contains a scrollbox, and the form is nested within two panels on the main form of my application. It displays values in a manner similar to the object inspector, and the user needs to be able to edit the values. For some reason, I cannot focus the TLabeledEdit controls using the mouse left button click. Right clicking on the control works and selects all text in the TEdit, but left click does not. I see that a WM_SETFOCUS message is sent, but false is returned. Before I start digging into the the VCL's message handling, I was wondering if anyone might know the cause of such behaviour, or have suggestions on how to best track it down. I just converted the "inspector" form to a TFrame. In doing so I loose some functionality like the ability to close the form, but I can now focus the edit control using the left mouse button, and I also get a right click local menu for the editor. Is there anyway to make the embedded form behave in the same way as the frame with respect to embedded controls?
  12. I just noticed in Rio 10.3.2 that the TFDSQLScript SQL editor has the Code Editor button in the String List Editor disabled. I popped up the help and there does not seem to be a reason for this. The SQL property is of type TSrings in the Inpsector and the actual implementation uses TFDStringList just the same as the connection Params ancestor class in which you can use the Code Editor. Is this a case of a missing property editor registration? It would be very nice to be able to use the Code Editor to modify scripts instead of cop[y/pasting from an external editor.
  13. Larry Hengen

    Rules for changing cursor to HourGlass and back

    I have also been using a variant of code from Jeroen W. Pluimers website. I have incorporated it into the hcOPF project and added support for FMX. The code credit contains the original blog post. hcTemporaryCursor.pas
  14. Larry Hengen

    Using Delphi in Virtual machine for a month

    I have used Delphi in a VM (VMWare Fusion) starting about 10 years ago. I bought Fusion for my Mac Pro (an old 2.2Ghz Core2Duo). Initially I had VMs on my laptop HD, but moved them to an external SSD drive formatted as HFS+. I purchased Paragon's HFS+ support for Windows and shared the VM drive between my Mac Pro Laptop and my PC Desktop. It worked pretty well, but I had to abandon it for one contract as soon as I started using the RAW Input API as that is not supported under VMWare. I then bought an 3.0 Ghz AMD 6 core Win7 64 bit desktop and it screamed using XE2! Still one of the fastest machines I have ever used Delphi on. I used to use VMWare Fusion on my Mac Pro laptop until it died and I replaced it with a Mac Mini which is a little under powered for VMs. Now I am using Ubuntu on my laptop (an old Toshiba Satellite L70-D) 4 core machine with 8Gb RAM, an SSD for the OS and a fast, large HD for the VirtualBox VMs. Performance of 10.3.2 is good. The re-drawing was painful with 10.3.1. I am thinking about putting Ubuntu on my main desktop as well. More cores and much more memory. I am also no longer using VMWare, instead using VirtualBox 6 which seems pretty stable and performant. I use the Host OS for Internet access (FireFox) and share folders from the host for code so I can switch VMs and still compile the same source. This works well to experiment with Betas and other VM configurations, while not confusing things by having source code in each VM, potentially in a different location. You can of course have VMs for specific clients so one Delphi configuration does not conflict with another. The only issue I have had to date is an occasional "lockup" where the VBox VM and the Ubuntu host machine have become unresponsive to the point I have had to power off my laptop. I didn't have any data loss, and I think I narrowed this down to FireFox chewing all the RAM/CPU at some point. Now I only have FireFox running when I need to, and have not had such a situation for a long time. I am even considering switching to Chrome. For me the flexibility of using VMs far outweighs the performance penalties.
  15. Could this be your solution?