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  1. Could this be your solution?
  2. According to his LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/miswindell/) he went from product marketing (3 years) to product management (remaining 8 years) at Borland. Then 8 years of Product Management at EMBT and is now a consultant. It almost sounds like he could have been the reason for Borland/EMBT's crappy marketing and therefore single handedly could have caused their decline while he rose in the ranks. Perhaps he is the ONLY one who doesn't understand marketing...
  3. Larry Hengen

    Android Log Capture

    Please excuse the noob question as I'm sure it has been answered before, my google fu is just failing me. Does the IDE have the ability to capture ADB logs in a window? I have stumbled across a few external utilities to do so, one from an MVP in Japan and one from Kim Madsen but neither one seems to work with Rio. The first one won't detect the attached device, and the second one throws an immediate error upon launch. Using Android Studio for logcat is major overkill, and chews up all my resources. Seems to me this is a pretty reasonable expectation of an IDE for a development target. Any suggestions on working lightweight solutions? I am using Rio 10.3.1
  4. Larry Hengen

    Android Log Capture

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I am surprised one of these solutions has not been purchased or incorporated into the product by EMBT.
  5. Larry Hengen

    Anyone using Epina SDL Library?

    I am working on a project that was originally started using the Epina SDL Library TRChart component. I am having few issues with the component so I am wondering if anyone else is using it and can provide some tips. The library seems fast and well written, but I don't want to have to debug their source code to figure out how to use it. Anyone with experience using SDL? Any recommendations for another charting library? I would love something like ZedGraph for Delphi.
  6. Larry Hengen

    is FGX native still around?

    Contacted Yaroslav and he confirms beta should be this summer/autumn.
  7. If this is true (and I have no reason to believe it is not), I would predict more piracy and illegitimate use of the community edition in EMBT's future as well as a downward trend in their customer base. A lawsuit is also a possibility IMHO.
  8. Larry Hengen

    Jumping to methods via procedure list does not expand region

    I maintain one on SourceForge and have several small Repos on GitHub and I do speak for only myself. I can understand your viewpoint that anyone who cares about quality will accept a report from anywhere, but I feel that taking the time to report a bug shows a commitment on your part as a developer to quality. It works both ways....the receiving developer and submitting developer should be bound by the same commitment to quality, otherwise all you're advocating is hypocrisy. End users are another story, and it's a choice as to whether or not you want to chase down bugs reported on any medium depending on the quality of the information.
  9. Larry Hengen

    Jumping to methods via procedure list does not expand region

    I beg to differ. If you already have time limitations (who doesn't) and are supporting an open source effort that benefits the community, adding the requirement that you collect, properly interpret, and enter bug reports on behalf of people already benefiting from your efforts is not only inconsiderate, but substantially reduces the time you have to fix the bugs. Getting complete bug reports that are reproducible can be a challenge at the best of times so it requires a more structured approach to get the necessary information. Requiring the user invest some time in providing a bug report reduces the number of unreproducible bugs, and ensures the reporter has some skin in the game in terms of getting a fix. Heck, I don't even like it that EMBT doesn't have automatic bug report submissions to QP from the IDE when it throws and exception!
  10. Larry Hengen

    Jumping to methods via procedure list does not expand region

    That is like me saying I won't create a BitBucket account to file a report for Spring4D. How would you feel if people won't take the 2 minutes to sign up and file a report?
  11. Larry Hengen

    screen shot - reliable method

    The TForm method GetFormImage might be what you are looking for.
  12. Larry Hengen

    Linux Support on Pro Edition

    It makes no sense to me, I just reviewed the edition matrix found at https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/product-editions. The community edition has support for mobile platforms and MacOS, but not Linux. What makes MacOS different from Linux....oh yeah, the fact that it has desktop market share. So you can develop a server process or a full GUI application for free for the Mac (albeit 32 bit right now), but you have to pay the big Buck$ to develop a server application for Linux, the one platform where developers tend to employ FOSS rather than commercial development tools. If EMBT trusts that their community edition license works, why not include the Linux compiler in that edition? At least then, developers who want to target linux can see how well the tool works and buy it when their project gets off the ground. The community edition is meant to bring developers into the Delphi ecosystem. Without GUI support, a limited number of Windows developers are going to target Linux, and without an entry level edition, no Linux developers are going to try it. EMBT's Linux investment is probably minimal compared to other targets, like Mobile, yet the only way to try it out is with a trial edition. If trial's worked so well then why did EMBT publish the community edition? Delphi needs to provide a fully cross platform desktop solution or it will lose further market share to the likes of C# and it's community edition.
  13. Larry Hengen


    Anyone using Marshmellow from the Spring4D project? Looking for a low overhead ORM that I can use to load and manipulate thousands of PODOs with. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  14. Larry Hengen


    Thanks I didn't think that offer was valid any longer (it says it expired Feb. 2019) but it does apparently still work. I downloaded a copy just in case Marshmellow proves to be unworkable. Right now I am hesitant to ask for the purchase of commercial component unless it's absolutely necessary and I think Marshmellow will work for me.
  15. Larry Hengen

    Spring4D Persistence

    I am looking for the best place to ask questions regarding Spring4D's persistence functionality known as Marshmellow. I am starting a SQLLite3 project and would like to know how Spring4D maps the specified types in the Column attribute to SQLLite types. I also have a lazily loaded list owned by another object, call it Parent. When a Parent is created and saved to the database if I then try to add a Child object to the lazily loaded list, I get an error that: 'No delegate has been assigned'. My code looks like the examples I see in the test projects. What am I doing wrong?
  16. Larry Hengen

    GExperts Procedure List: Show ALL procedures in the whole project

    I think that if you focus more on code organization, you will get more benefits, than from a tool. That once in a blue moon brain fart that prevents a developer from remembering where the method is located, Grep Search works well and is lightning fast. Why paid the price to parse the whole project every time you use Gexper'ts Procedure List? Organize and document your code organization and it will become more intuitive to use IMHO.
  17. WxForms used to be available as a form designer for earlier versions of Delphi but seems to be discontinued. I am curious if anyone is using any other UI framework (other than FMX) for XPlatform apps from Delphi and could make some recommendations based on their experiences.
  18. I can read English just fine thank you. I didn't mention anything about copyright. That is a completely different issue as you likely know. Copyright is hard and costly to enforce, especially so in nations which to not subscribe to the legal concept or enforce it, such as China. Open sourcing the compiler would be tantamount to giving away the IP.
  19. No the core is the compiler(s) without which they could not compile the IDE (back when it was Pure Pascal), or the VCL/FMX code. Yes the VCL is also a large piece of intellectual property that anchors developers to the platform. Unfortunately, FMX dies not seem to be as ubiquitous as the VCL. Perhaps open sourcing that framework would be a catalyst to building a bigger community of third party vendors and developers and keeping pace with all the platforms as they change, but that is another topic.
  20. Open sourcing the compiler(s) will never happen. That is the core of EMBT's intellectual property, and one of the major reasons why Lazarus/FPC has not eroded the Delphi market further than it has; compiler compatibility. There is no money in writing an IDE and there are lots of them freely available. EMBT's revenue is from developers who have lots of source code which is tied to the Delphi compilers. The IDE makes for most of the development experience, so I think you would have more chance of getting the IDE Core open sourced (like Visual Studio shell) than getting the compiler open sourced. Many developers could competently work on the IDE to improve it, make it portable (xPlatform) etc, but not many developers could contribute to the compilers, IMHO.
  21. Larry Hengen

    Delphi, be better!

    I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. This is evident by the further development of DDevExtensions for Delphi Rio by Andreas and the HiDPI enhancements form Uwe. The Delphi Community has many developers more than capable of contributing to fixing IDE and run-time bugs if only they had access to the code. If the IDE was open source I think we would see a lot of improvement in quality, assuming EMBT resources were allocated to incorporate those fixes. I find the the Galileo IDE and it's insistence of trying to put in begin/end keywords annoying and counter productive. I'm still much faster with the D7 IDE and CodeRush. I would also have chosen functionality before form; that is to say while I like the aesthetics of the Rio IDE, I would have chosen 64 bit Mac OS/X support and bug fixes over that work.
  22. Larry Hengen

    IDE Error Reporting problem

    Yes because quality central is now defunct. It is recommended you save the report and manually create a JIRA issue and attach the report there. Just another way to prevent more bug reports IMHO.
  23. What is the CodeCoverage source from? Is it part of MMX?
  24. Larry Hengen

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    I agree that an open source Language Server would be desirable. Omnipascal looks great and even offers the ability to compile Delphi projects now. Someone else wrote a form designer prototype for VSCode. Put all the pieces together and we almost have a portable IDE with VSCode. A language server would enable other IDEs to support the ObjectPascal language and enable EMBT to rip out ErrorInsight, and other parsers in the IDE. if they made use of it. If EMBT used an open source language server, the community could evolve and improve it over time rather than relying on EMBT. As a separation of concerns, it would also make it easier to get a cross platform IDE working, or multiple IDEs on different platforms. If you write code on OS/X and target only Apple devices, it would be nice not to require a Windows VM, or a PC as well. A language server might enable the use of XCode (not sure if it uses language servers) for ObjectPascal development. At some point, a language server could enable Delphi developers to just use the command line compilers, and RTL to target their platform of choice with their editor of choice, and UI framework of choice. https://github.com/alefragnani Seems to have done some work along this line.