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  1. You don't need mac to compile units. Just use command line compiler to compile this unit: unit def; interface implementation {$if defined(MACOS)} {$message hint 'MACOS defined'} {$endif} end.
  2. Kazantsev Alexey

    10.4.1+ Custom Managed Records usable?

  3. Kazantsev Alexey

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    The same example on 10.4.2: 1770kb, 1279kb, 456kb
  4. Kazantsev Alexey

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    For XE2 you need explicitly rebuild the three files (for latest versons need some more rtl files be rebuilded): system.pas (with key -Y) system.sysutils.pas (with key -V-) system.variants.pas (with key -V-) (search path should include rtl sources) When project building seach path should include your own custom rtl dcus, and rtl sources after it.
  5. Kazantsev Alexey

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    library rtltest; //{$weaklinkrtti on} uses system.classes; begin TMemoryStream.Create.Free; end. Delphi XE2, x86_64, Release: default - 547840 bytes + weaklinkrtti on - 505344 bytes + custom rtl build with minimal rtti - 256000 bytes
  6. Kazantsev Alexey

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    The error is not in the implementation of the custom initializer. A custom initializer is available for the “TRec” type, but an initialization error is in the “TData” type, which does not have a custom initializer, but has a field of a managed type. In the code example, you can replace the custom initializer with any other custom management operator (finalizer, assign), and you will get the same error.
  7. Kazantsev Alexey

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Codegen bug https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29299
  8. Kazantsev Alexey

    Code Completion Colours (Twilight)

    5.5. It also makes sense to change the clHighlightText color for better look of some IDE parts (ObjectInspector, Options Dialogs, New Items dialog).
  9. Kazantsev Alexey

    Code Completion Colours (Twilight)

    1. Run any resource editor (ResourceHacker, for example) and open ModernTheme260.bpl 2. Extract resource "WIN10IDE_LIGHT" to file *.vsf 3. Open saved file in the Bitmap Style Designer ($(BDSBIN)\BitmapStyleDesigner.exe) 4. In the tree-structure "Objects" find node "SysColors" and item "clHighlight" 5. Change the "clHighlight" to you prefered color 6. Save modified style and close Style Designer 7. Using resource editor replace resource "WIN10IDE_LIGHT" in ModernTheme260.bpl by the modified style file. p.s. This issue planed to fix soon.
  10. Kazantsev Alexey

    Code Completion Colours (Twilight)

    Export is not required, it's the same theme. Changed the drawing method.
  11. Kazantsev Alexey

    Code Completion Colours (Twilight)

    Your can extract WIN10IDE_LIGHT resource from ModernTheme260.bpl, change SysColors.clHighlight by the BitmapStyleDesigner.exe and replace the style resource. https://i.imgur.com/lrod4rO.png But it will affects on the some other UI elements, M main menu items, for example. https://i.imgur.com/sTV5O83.png
  12. Kazantsev Alexey

    Code Completion Colours (Twilight)

    Set "Dark" IDE Theme.
  13. Kazantsev Alexey

    Install Android SDK manually?

    Run Android Tools and select following packages to install: 1. [x] Android SDK Platform-Tools 2. [x] Android SDK Build-tools 28.0.2 3. Android 8.0.0 (API 26) [x] SDK Platform