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  1. StephanWeber

    TeeChart with vertical bar?

    Sorry, I need a vertical line from bottom to top, not a bar. Using a bar and making it thin is my current workaround, but that makes it difficult to let it reach the top, and it looks a bit ugly.
  2. StephanWeber

    TeeChart with vertical bar?

    Found no way to do it in RAD Studio XE 8. Much easier in Lazarus.
  3. StephanWeber

    How to create an Android widget?

    Hi, I can create an Android app with RAD Studio XE8, but how to make a widget, which is permanent on the screen? Bye Stephan
  4. StephanWeber

    Photo app for Android and iPhone

    I have XE8, not 10. And does it work with only an iPhone and Win10 pc? Do I need to pay for an Apple developer account?
  5. StephanWeber

    Photo app for Android and iPhone

    Hi, I made some apps with RAD Studio XE8 which run fine under Android and Windows. I have no commercial interests. But now I got an iphone SE 2020. Can anybody compile the apps for this? Looks more difficult. I can deliver the full sources, and the one doing this can use it freely and earn money. Have also a nice bow shooting app (Win and Android). And also many electrical engineering apps (Windows only). Note: Attached picture is German, but we can make it of course also in English. Bye Stephan