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  1. Felix.

    Weird AAB generation (Delphi 10.4)

    I mean .so libraries
  2. Felix.

    Weird AAB generation (Delphi 10.4)

    When I write "I include a 32-bit third-party library in the library\lib\armeabi-v7a folder", I mean I set Remote Path in the Deployment window.
  3. Greetings, Could you check if it's possible? I am building a bundle with "Generate Android App Bundle file (arm + arm64)" option enabled. In Android-32, I include a 32-bit third-party library in the library\lib\armeabi-v7a folder (11 MB in size), in Android-64 I include a 64-bit third-party lib in the library\lib\arm64-v8a folder (12 MB). Then I make an aab file and look at its contents: there is a third-party lib (12 MB) in the base\lib\arm64-v8a folder, but there's no third-party lib in the base\lib\armeabi-v7a folder! Why is it happening? Who else faced it? Maybe this is due to the fact that the third-party lib has the same name for both 32 and 64 versions?
  4. Greetings to all, How to create a video file from a set of images? (Firemonkey: Windows and Android) Thank you
  5. Which one would you recommend for Firemonkey?
  6. Felix.

    Cannot write to GetLibraryPath (Android)

    I've tried to create a text file in Library folder to pass it to stockfish engine.
  7. The subject says it all. How to associate my program with a certain extension in Android? Thanks
  8. Thank you, your memory is great. I'll try it today
  9. Anyway I need only stockfish to run. But it waits for input and locks the app. And I don't know how to pass the input data. I tried stockfish < [file], where [file] is a file with uci commands, but stockfish doesn't accept it (though this method works under Windows)
  10. I don't need to view or play GIFs. I just need to create an animated GIF from a set of bitmaps.
  11. Felix.

    Algorythms of hiding the part of image

    For example, we have a photo of man/woman. We need to hide the part of his/her face, but he/she has to stay recognizable.
  12. Subject says it all. How to create an animated gif from a set of bitmaps? (Firemonkey) Thank you