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  1. Hi, Based on published free header/wrapper units of BASS audio library plus add-ons on www.un4seen.com, I have improved, modified and added more codes to ensure they work with all platforms that Delphi's FireMonkey and VCL frameworks support. I also collected, intensively tested and structured the libraries into a package for Delphi programmers to use with a very detailed guide accompanied. Finally I also included a simple but sufficiently complete demo project. I have seen so many questions on BASS forums as well as other forums regarding audio for Delphi so I just thought I could share my work. That's all my intention. Here you go: https://github.com/TDDung/Delphi-BASS
  2. I just made another demo on request, please find it here: https://github.com/TDDung/DelphiFMXBass-PCM_OPUS
  3. Thank you. I just did like you suggested 🙂 https://github.com/TDDung/DelphiFMX-BASS
  4. Agreed with you, therefore I did note that the binaries (.dll, .a, .o and .dylib) all can be downloaded directly from www.un4seen.com instead. There are just many of them, also of different versions, so I spent a lot of time to collect and test to be sure they are the newest and fully working. Depends on the programmers who need this, some may appreciate these binaries 🙂 The choices are theirs.
  5. Ah, sorry I have no experience in this, just thought I could share with fellow Delphi programmers a cool library since there are many who have trouble integrating it.
  6. Yes, absolutely. However, as only attachments of maximum total size 4.88 MB are allowed, I will have to share as a link only: https://mega.nz/file/DQ8kARxL#Ut8P48Cg7htqJxnKtzdztetUzbO4924hiQU5767u2yY
  7. OPUS decoding is OK in my case :)-
  8. Sorry what do you mean? BASS is a wonderful closed source but free for non-commercial audio library (www.un4seen.com) written in C. To use it you have to include pre-compiled binaries (.dll, .a, .so and .dylib) into your project and use a wrapper/header to access the functions inside. Since there currently are 5 supported platforms by FireMonkey in Delphi (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux) with 32- or 64-bit CPU code (Intel/ARM also), my package is too big to attach to a post here, hence I must give it as a link only. Note: All the binaries of BASS audio library (libbass.dll, libbass.dll.so, libbass.dll.a and libbass.dll.dylib) can be downloaded directly from www.un4seen.com instead. There are just many of them, so just make sure you choose the correct ones to replace what's in my package and of course test, test and test.
  9. TDDung

    Problems with FMX.CameraComponent Sample

    It's possible that sometimes CameraComponent's SampleBufferReady event is fired up while previous call to DisplayCameraPreviewFrame has not completed/returned (e.g. GUI updating is slower than camera's frame rate), thus imgCameraView.Bitmap is changed in the middle of its display. It's quite simple to test this hypothesis on your device with few extra lines of code. I did test on my Note 20 phone but it is way to fast ... 🙂
  10. https://mega.nz/file/qQlnXIYK#MTbOfXxBrCT_2KF8MhTwqCwR8Ewbj5PdwcaS4aHu6ME Delphi's FMX header unit, platform binaries, detailed guide with demo for BASS audio library (No add-on). Hope to have contributed. BASS rocks!