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  1. Nigel Thomas

    Konopka and Parnassus for Delphi 12?

    You should be able to check here: https://getitnow.embarcadero.com/ Edit to add: although unless the listing description mentions Delphi 12, I'm not sure it helps for determining if any particular component has been updated to support the latest.
  2. start ms-settings:display
  3. Not sure if this has been suggested to you before? You could try enabling a "God Mode" shortcut on your desktop. This links (usually via the old, Control Panel way) to numerous settings, you might be able to find something useful in there to reset the main Settings app. https://www.tomsguide.com/how-to/how-to-enable-god-mode-in-windows
  4. Nigel Thomas

    Delphi CE application accesses unknown IPs

    Really? Here's the VirusTotal Sysinternals Sandbox report for network activity from a scan of the Windows 10 x64 C:\Windows\regedit.exe: (not an application you'd expect to be accessing external IP addresses) IP Traffic (TCP) (TCP) a83f:8110:0:0:100:0:1800:0:53 (UDP) a83f:8110:1800:0:0:0:0:0:53 (UDP) Perhaps rather more worrying for your "Advanced" Users, if they see those IP addresses from a seemingly benign Microsoft application? If your Advanced Users are paranoid enough to be concerned about the Sysinternals Sandbox report, point them to the other sandbox reports for your app which do not show any network connectivity. Nigel
  5. Nigel Thomas

    Delphi CE application accesses unknown IPs

    Windows Defender. Or at least that's my guess, as those IPs are listed in the Microsoft Sysinternals sandbox running at V/T (not running on the OP's system).
  6. Nigel Thomas

    Hide Main Form on Start

    Does this help? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14407759/delphi-xe3-mainform-hide
  7. Nigel Thomas

    How can I disable IDE talking to external websites?

    Solution has been posted in another topic:: https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/10435-script-errors-galore-when-launching-delphi/?tab=comments#comment-83104
  8. Which is more efficient - or doesn't it matter, is it just a case of readabilty: var Foo: Foo; Foo := GetFoo; DoSomethingWithFoo(Foo); Or: DoSomethingWithFoo(GetFoo);
  9. Nigel Thomas

    Script Errors galore when launching Delphi

    I can duplicate this issue on Berlin 10.1 - and the fix posted by @instrumentally. CE 11.3 does not have this issue.
  10. Hi, Updated my installation of ICS 9 from Subversion today, now when I compile the OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst sample compilation fails with undeclared identifiers in OverbyteIcsWSocket, in this function: function TX509Base.GetX509PubKeyTB: TBytes; { V9.1 } var ABio : PBIO; PubKey: Pointer; begin if NOT Assigned(FX509) then begin SetLength(Result, 0); Exit; end; ABio := BIO_new(BIO_s_mem); if Assigned(ABio) then try PubKey := X509_get_X509_PUBKEY(FX509); if PubKey = Nil then Exit; if i2d_X509_PUBKEY_bio(ABio, PubKey) = 0 then Exit; Result := IcsReadTBBio(ABio, 0); finally bio_free(ABio); end; end; Nigel
  11. Nigel Thomas

    OpenSLL Dlls path

    Hi, Is it possible to specify the directory in which to search for the OpenSSL Dlls, rather than having them in the same directory as the executable? Forgive me if this should have been easy to find out for myself; I'm an ICS virgin and it's taking me a while to find my way around the source. Nigel
  12. Nigel Thomas

    Where is the link to register to the forum?

    https://en.delphipraxis.net/register/ But:
  13. Nigel Thomas

    Access to files in a post on the German DelphiPraxis site

    Worked fine for me, attached: NativeLayout.zip Edit to add: I registered on the German Praxis site back in 2013, so my login was recognised.
  14. That would seem to indicate that it is indeed a third-party component that is causing the error. On the clean User install and test each component in turn until you hit the error again.
  15. Nigel Thomas

    Delphi 11 Community edtion

    It transpires that if licences exist for earlier versions on the system, Delphi D11.3 CE doesn't like it. Neither the iOS nor the Android platforms were available. Marco Cantu suggested that as the cause, and I was able to confirm it quite quickly.