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  1. Nigel Thomas

    Omnithread examples Target Delphi Version

    The iTask definition is required for the Parallel Programming Library routines, these are available in XE7+. The article linked to in the ProgressBar example source is a good read: http://www.thedelphigeek.com/2015/10/updating-progress-bar-from-parallel-for.html
  2. Nigel Thomas

    ICS V8.66 announced

    For info, I updated my SVN copy of ICS, then re-installed on D2007, D10.1, and D10.3 CE (after cleaning out old installations). All went fine, no errors or issues.
  3. Nigel Thomas

    Delete a Registry Key...

    I presume you need to load it dynamically from advapi32.dll, not tried it myself.
  4. Nigel Thomas

    8.66 installation for D2007 problems

    Thanks Angus. I'd left behind the older BPLs when i removed 8.64. Did a more thorough cleaning job then tried again, "missing" components installed correctly. Still had the problem with VCLZipPack though, so I may not have been as thorough as I should have. When I looked at OverbyteIcsD2007Run.dproj it had a "Contains" for $(%systemroot)\system32\vclzippack.dcp (or similar, can't remember the exact naming). I deleted this dproj and updated the svn, then had a clean dproj without that Contains. Whilst working on this I downloaded the latest 8.65 zip (for all versions, not the one just for Sidney) from overbyte.eu, to check if there was a Contains in that version's OverbyteIcsD2007Run.dproj for the VclFixPack. There wasn't, but what there is - and I presume it shouldn't be there - is a Contains for C:\Users\angus\Desktop\MagentaXfer2007W.dcp? Nigel
  5. Hi, For info (I realise it's still in Beta): I've downloaded the latest 8.66 from Subversion today. Installation on D10.1 was painless. Installation on D2007 ran into a couple of hiccups: 1) the runtime package requires VCLZipPack, which couldn't be found. 2) The RegisterComponents procedure in OverbyteIcsReg.pas tries to register the following missing components: TIcsTwitter, TIcsRestEmail, TIcsInetAlive. Commenting out these allowed the design package to be installed. Nigel
  6. Nigel Thomas

    Full time Delphi Developer Needed

    Just a heads-up, you might want to correct the spelling in the title of that page.
  7. I've done that! It was a very long time ago, to obtain a shiny "City & Guilds" certificate 🙂 (that's a UK kind of post-school, practical skills examination board).