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    Menu captions with images are hard to read under Windows 11

    "Ouch! - that bit!"
  2. I doubt much has changed since this blog was written in 2018: https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2018/08/16/partnering-with-the-industry-to-minimize-false-positives/ " One of the most effective ways for developers to reduce the chances of their software being detected as malware is it to digitally sign files with a reputable certificate. "
  3. As it is clearly a false positive, then yes. In my experience, MS have always been good at fixing false positive detections when I've sent them. Others might suggest uploading a copy to VirusTotal as well; I'd recommend against that, as it tends to just lead other AV vendors to jump on the bandwagon and add detection for a file they can see other(s) detect, but they don't, instead of actually analysing it.
  4. 1. Sign your files. Windows Defender heuristics are much more forgiving if an executable file has a valid digital signature. 2. Submit false positive detection: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission
  5. Nigel Thomas

    RAD Studio 10.4.2 crashes upon exit

    Try Tools| Options | IDE | Saving and Desktop > Autosave options
  6. This crops up every time there's a Windows 10 Features Update (and as you have now experienced, also with Windows 11 Feature Updates). Make sure you have the following files saved outside of the Windows path, for when it next (and it will) happens, so you can copy them into the "new" Windows Net Framework \v2.0.50727 directory: Borland.Common.Targets Borland.Cpp.Targets Borland.Delphi.Targets Borland.Group.Targets
  7. Nigel Thomas

    Tool to inspect properties at run-time?

    marco.cantu[at]embarcadero.com. He has contributed to this forum before so may respond to you here. You can find other ways to contact him via his website: https://www.marcocantu.com/
  8. Nigel Thomas

    Windows 11 and Server 2022 versions

    I'd like to know where OSName is read from. Msinfo32.exe shows the same string, but I can't find values in the registry to match it.
  9. Nigel Thomas

    Windows 11 and Server 2022 versions

    ReleaseID was deprecated after version 2009: Gabe Frost on Twitter He also states not to depend on DisplayVersion looking ahead either. As for Windows 11 not having the Major version upped to 11, there's always the possibility this might change during the preview process. Microsoft is doing its level best to stop people depending on version information, but rather just try whatever API function you want to call, and fail/fallback gracefully if it isn't available. That of course does nothing to those who still want to know/show accurate (and not shimmed) version information, for whatever reason.
  10. Nigel Thomas

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    See update-on-windows-11-minimum-system-requirements My added emphasis.
  11. Nigel Thomas

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    tpm.msc lists Manufacturer information, including Specification Version, which should show 1.2 or 2.0.
  12. Nigel Thomas

    Do bug fix patches really require active subscription?

    Marco also states, in the same blog post, that the patches will be made available in the download portal. I found them at my.embarcadero.com and cc.embarcadero.com/reg/delphi (although the latter is painfully slow). I no longer have an active subscription, it expired with Berlin 10.1, but I am able to download these patches (not that I need to).
  13. Nigel Thomas

    Trouble with installing community edition serial number

    @berean52, are you on Windows 10, and if so, is Controlled Folder Access enabled? You can check for this in Settings | Update & Security | Windows Security | Virus & threat protection | Manage ransomware protection (or more quickly, by clicking the Start button and typing "Controlled Folder Access", and selecting that option). The reason I ask is that the behaviour you are seeing - the licensing server says all is well, but the local IDE says not - suggests that the IDE is unable to access the licence file on startup thus thinks it does not exist. A possible reason for the inability to access the licence file is if Controlled Folder Acess is in force and blocking the IDE. Nigel
  14. Nigel Thomas

    Omnithread examples Target Delphi Version

    The iTask definition is required for the Parallel Programming Library routines, these are available in XE7+. The article linked to in the ProgressBar example source is a good read: http://www.thedelphigeek.com/2015/10/updating-progress-bar-from-parallel-for.html
  15. Nigel Thomas

    ICS V8.66 announced

    For info, I updated my SVN copy of ICS, then re-installed on D2007, D10.1, and D10.3 CE (after cleaning out old installations). All went fine, no errors or issues.
  16. Hi, For info (I realise it's still in Beta): I've downloaded the latest 8.66 from Subversion today. Installation on D10.1 was painless. Installation on D2007 ran into a couple of hiccups: 1) the runtime package requires VCLZipPack, which couldn't be found. 2) The RegisterComponents procedure in OverbyteIcsReg.pas tries to register the following missing components: TIcsTwitter, TIcsRestEmail, TIcsInetAlive. Commenting out these allowed the design package to be installed. Nigel
  17. Nigel Thomas

    Delete a Registry Key...

    I presume you need to load it dynamically from advapi32.dll, not tried it myself.
  18. Nigel Thomas

    8.66 installation for D2007 problems

    Thanks Angus. I'd left behind the older BPLs when i removed 8.64. Did a more thorough cleaning job then tried again, "missing" components installed correctly. Still had the problem with VCLZipPack though, so I may not have been as thorough as I should have. When I looked at OverbyteIcsD2007Run.dproj it had a "Contains" for $(%systemroot)\system32\vclzippack.dcp (or similar, can't remember the exact naming). I deleted this dproj and updated the svn, then had a clean dproj without that Contains. Whilst working on this I downloaded the latest 8.65 zip (for all versions, not the one just for Sidney) from overbyte.eu, to check if there was a Contains in that version's OverbyteIcsD2007Run.dproj for the VclFixPack. There wasn't, but what there is - and I presume it shouldn't be there - is a Contains for C:\Users\angus\Desktop\MagentaXfer2007W.dcp? Nigel
  19. Nigel Thomas

    Full time Delphi Developer Needed

    Just a heads-up, you might want to correct the spelling in the title of that page.
  20. I've done that! It was a very long time ago, to obtain a shiny "City & Guilds" certificate 🙂 (that's a UK kind of post-school, practical skills examination board).