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  1. hello every one i developped an application with delphi 10.4.2 that use ds proovider connexion to retreview data from a server buy when i opened my project on delphi 11 it won't compile, and the error is : "[DCC fatal Error ] TabbedFormwithNavigation.pas(15): F2051 the unit Data.SqlExpr was compiled with a diferent version System.SysUtils.FreeAndNil" and it point in Datasnap.DSConnect event if i create a new project and i put dsproviderconnection the same probleme is shown any one for help Thank you
  2. Salahdz

    fmx listview items bidi mode on android

    thank you very much
  3. Hello, i could not rightly show arabic text on a listview text item on android, on windows every things work fine help pleas
  4. Salahdz

    listview items width on run

    hello, found procedure TServiceBillform.listview_venteUpdateObjects(const Sender: TObject; const AItem: TListViewItem); var Tex : Tlistitemtext; begin Tex := AItem.View.FindDrawable('Text1') as tlistitemtext; Tex.Width:=listview_vente.width-147; // their is two button on the right of text 1 // couldn't finde align layout listviewitems end;
  5. Salahdz

    listview items width on run

    so quick, i ll chek thank you
  6. Salahdz

    listview items width on run

    Hello, I want to set listview itemapearance text when the program run but i still have no idea