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    RTTI info for TBytes using runtime packages

    Thanks Remy. How to link dynamically? Isn't it exactly what "Build with runtime packages" for? I suppose if "rtl" package is required by both Package1 and Pacakge2, and if rtl240.bpl is not present, an error would be raised when the application tries to load the package.
  2. Wagner Landgraf

    TDataset with non-contiguos fetch-on-demand

    I wonder if it's possible to have a TDataset that performs fetch-on-demand, but fetching non-contiguous records? For example, when view data in a TDBGrid, user could use TDataset.Last and only the last records would be fetched. In this way the first and last records are fetched, but not the intermediate ones. I'm not talking about the mechanism for fetching the data itself, but the dataset structure. 1. Does it support such mechanism? 2. Have anyone tried it, or implemented it? 3. Do you have any idea on how complex it is? Current my dataset does paged fetching, but when user uses TDataset.Last, it fetches moves the dataset forward fetching all records just to get to the last one.
  3. Wagner Landgraf

    TDataset with non-contiguos fetch-on-demand

    Retrieving data is not my issue. Data will come via Aurelius so it already has a paging mechanism where I can retrieve any page of data. My issue is how to make the dataset work with this (the internal buffer mechanism, filtering, etc.).
  4. Wagner Landgraf

    TDataset with non-contiguos fetch-on-demand

    Thank you. It looks indeed complex, and unfortunately mixed all the way through the whole FireDac source code. But part of complexity is the data retrieval mechanism, which I already have.
  5. Wagner Landgraf

    Generic class

    Did you close this report now it's all clarified?
  6. Wagner Landgraf

    With haters unite

    It is, it's called inline variables... 😉
  7. Wagner Landgraf

    Blogged : Introducing DPM - a Package Manager for Delphi

    So, if the package cache can be global, then you can share the library with the 100 projects, right?
  8. Wagner Landgraf

    Blogged : Introducing DPM - a Package Manager for Delphi

    Why do you assume there will be 100 copies of JCL? It should be one copy shared by all the 100 projects, which will just reference the same library.
  9. Wagner Landgraf

    Unit testing cross platform code

    I mentioned above, I don't use TestInsight but I use a similar approach which I develop myself for my own use only. That's how I test my code on all platforms.
  10. Wagner Landgraf

    Unit testing cross platform code

    The thing here is that you don't have UI for the test runner. You can compile and run all your tests, but to gather information about the results, then you have to use custom output. Well, for Linux you can use the console output. For Android/iOS, I've built a custom one myself where I send test results through TCP to a VCL client in another computer. But there are great tools out there, I believe TestInsight from @Stefan Glienke might do the job for you: https://bitbucket.org/sglienke/testinsight/wiki/Home.
  11. Wagner Landgraf

    Unit testing cross platform code

  12. Wagner Landgraf

    Unit testing cross platform code

    DUnit works on all supported Delphi platforms.
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know I made available an online training course about web development with Delphi: "Introduction to TMS Web Core". Its got a theoretical introduction about web applications, then goes into TMS Web Core and Pas2JS compiler, explaining the idiosyncrasies of both web applications and TMS Web Core specifically. Course link: https://courses.landgraf.dev/p/web-applications-with-delphi-tms-web-core --- Wagner Landgraf
  14. Wagner Landgraf

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    TMS Flexcel is a great tool that is often overlooked by people wanting report tools, but it's great for the job, with the advantage that most users are already used to the "template designer" which is Excel. And it fits very well your requirements.
  15. Wagner Landgraf

    Book: Introducing Delphi ORM using TMS Aurelius

    TOC and book preview here: https://books.google.com.br/books/about/Introducing_Delphi_ORM.html?id=LuWmDwAAQBAJ&source=kp_book_description&redir_esc=y
  16. Wagner Landgraf

    Notifications via e-mail

    Is there a way to receive e-mail notifications for all new posts, like in Google+ group? After digging into the settings it looks I can only receive notifications if I explicitly follow someone or some thread?
  17. Wagner Landgraf

    Web dashboard application

    That's exactly what TMS Web Core + XData solution offers and differs from others existing web solutions for Delphi. The client generated by Web Core is pure HTML/JS application, and XData backend is pure API (not related with the web GUI front-end)