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  1. Wagner Landgraf

    failed deffered Getit package

    Thanks but I had already done that. No luck, unfortunately.
  2. Wagner Landgraf

    failed deffered Getit package

    I'm having the same problem. I could take a screenshot from the console app trying to execute some GetIt installer and I got the following screenshot. I can't install the patches. Maybe @Marco Cantu has some insights?
  3. What is the problem about the current one? What makes it "low quality"?
  4. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    @Anders Melander, unfortunately that didn't work for me in a specific project. Actually, I never had patience to wait for it to finish (maximum 1 hour). The weird thing is that this project is not that big, and I use lots of excludes, the PDB file size is 388 Kb. Would you be interested in checking this specific situation?
  5. Wagner Landgraf

    DUnit official source code

    Is there a place where we can find the "official" DUnit source code? It looks like there isn't one. I have DUnit source code here from difference sources - Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney, SourceForge SVN (https://svn.code.sf.net/p/dunit/svn/trunk), Delphi Leak Check (https://github.com/shadow-cs/delphi-leakcheck/tree/master/External/DUnit) and they are all different. It looks like the most "recent" version is the Delphi one. I need to do some modifications to DUnit and I was thinking about creating a GitHub repository to make it "official", applying changes from those sources when needed and accepting changes from contributors. Does anyone has a better idea? Does anyone know if the license allow me to do so (and also apply modifications made by Embarcadero from each Delphi version)?
  6. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    I reduced the size of my project a lot, and now VTune "only" took one hour to load. I could then do some tests. What I have noticed is that the "View source code" option sometimes opens the wrong file. @Anders MelanderDo you want to check it? If yes, what information should I provide to you?
  7. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Ok. Please let me know if I can be of any help somehow. I believe it's currently not very usable for you as well since the time it takes is just too much. Your focus on black/white is in the hope that it will reduce the symbol table size and thus speed up the process?
  8. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    That's a significant factor, yes. But since I have already bought it, and actually when a tool saves your time and/or allows you to more easily improve the quality of your code, it pays for itself. So I was mostly talking about technical differences.
  9. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Are you referring to the slowness of the "Resolving information" step? Any news about this? I have the same problem, it's taking more than 30 minutes and still going on...
  10. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Works great here as well, just tested! Thank you @Anders Melander, for this awesome work. There is a big chance I can will ditch AQTime now!
  11. Wagner Landgraf

    Decrease Your Build Time

    Are you aware of any compilation of best practices to reduce code bloat and compilation size you are mentioning here ref your refactoring?
  12. Wagner Landgraf

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Very interesting tool, I believe it opens lots of possibilities. I use AQTime and Sampling Profiler, is anyone able to tell the differences and advantages of VTune compared to those two tools?
  13. Wagner Landgraf

    ERD tool needed!

    You can try TMS Data Modeler: https://tmssoftware.com/site/tmsdm.asp
  14. Wagner Landgraf

    Annoying IDE behavior changes in 10.4.2

    LSP is now way better than the previous one. And it looks like Embarcadero is just not touching the old one anymore, so for example I see IDE crashes in some situations with the Classic code insight, and I'm afraid that will never be fixed now. Installing MMX "solves" the issue temporarily, until they hopefully fixes that in 10.5.
  15. Wagner Landgraf

    Annoying IDE behavior changes in 10.4.2

    Voted. But I wonder if there isn't a workaround right now, given @Uwe Raabe doesn't see this behavior.