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  1. Reinier Sterkenburg

    Delphi 10.4.1 Socket Error on IDE Start

    I had the same problem. That solution worked for me. Thanks a lot!
  2. Reinier Sterkenburg

    Delphi 11 - Customize Toolbar works very badly

    I have tried that before and it didn't work for me. (btw: I do use that same method to migrate my environment variables) Tried it now and it had no effect at all. Nothing changed in the IDE (missing icons still missing). The registry entries are overwritten when Delphi starts (I see it happening in the Registry Editor). I wasn't expecting it to work anyway, also because the of the high DPI IDE overhaul, in which, as I understand it, also the bitmaps for the toolbar buttons have been replaced (with multi resolution images). Did it work for you?
  3. Whenever a new Delphi version is out, there is this small tedious job I do of customizing the Toolbar. I add some speedbuttons (Exit, Close All, Compile project, Project Options and a few more), and I delete a few others that I don't use. (I never found a smart way to copy the settings from a previous Delphi version to a new version. The Migration Tool never works. This time I tried migrating from 10.4 to 10.5. Version 11 wasn't listed, so I guessed 10.5 actually stands for 11. Anyway. no luck there). So I added some and removed some. Then restarted Delphi. The result, in short: removal works, but adding does not. So removing for once is removing forever. Well, actually, adding speedbuttons to the toolbar works during a session. Restart and they are gone again. Anyone else seeing this? (shall i submit a bug report to QC?) Is there a solution or workaround?
  4. Reinier Sterkenburg

    DelphiVCL: Fantastic! But there are some issues

    I did try a few things but can't get the form to close. When you (or anyone else reading this) try the DelphiVCL demo as is, can you close the application normally?
  5. Reinier Sterkenburg

    DelphiVCL: Fantastic! But there are some issues

    Thanks for that answer! Indeed, I could do myComboBox.Style = 'csDropDownList' and now it works as expected. Also the items don't get converted to lowercase anymore. .. Now that this is cleared up, I'd like to propose that this gets documented a bit better. I made this mistake because I started with the DelphiVCL demo and drew a wrong conclusion from it. I saw the Action.Value = caFree assignment in the OnClose handler. caFree is an enumerated constant which was apparently imported from DelphiVCL. However, csDropDownList was NOT available from DelphiVCL. So I looked at how caFree was made available and found it in TFormsRegistration.DefineVars in WrapDelphiForms. Following that same pattern, I added code in WrapDelphiStdCtrls to define csDropDownList. So far so good, and my code compiled and ran without (explicit) errors. But it was wrong. Actually, ComboBox.Style is a string property when imported from DelphiVCL, and Python did not complain when I assigned an integer/enumerated. To avoid confusion, it would probably be better if caFree was also a string constant. Is that feasible, to drop all the explicit DefineVars in WrapDelphiForms and other units and let *all* the enumeration values become strings through RTTI? (would that even work? I didn't understand yet how TComboBox.Style became a string property instead of an integer) In any case, we could also add a little bit of extra comment in the DelphiVCL demo sources that explains this.
  6. Reinier Sterkenburg

    DelphiVCL: Fantastic! But there are some issues

    Hi Anders, Yes I'm still around 🙂 and still using Delphi. Yeah, the Delphi Bug List, that as a nice project, which got so much better when you started helping. Likewise, good to see you are still here as well!
  7. Let me first say that I am very enthusiastic about Python4Delphi. I also find the possibility to create a DelphiVCL dll (.pyd) that makes 'the whole VCL' available in Python quite spectacular! I am having a few issues with it though, and before opening issues in GitHub I'd like to put a post here to see if others have encountered these as well and what they do about it. First of all, I tried DelphiVCL as found under Modules\DelphiVCL. That worked nicely out of the box, at least after choosing the right Python dll. (perhaps we can use UseLastKnownVersion there as well?). What doesn't work well is closing the application. Whether I run it from Spyder, from PyCharm or from PyScripter, just pressing the close button does not make the app close. In Spyder it takes a restart of the kernel, in PyCharm after a few tries, the program can't started at all anymore and in PyScripter it takes Ctrl-F2. Any ideas where this comes from? Then some more VCL related issues. I wanted to use a ComboBox so I added one to my form. Setting its Style to csDropDownlist worked, after I had added code to register the TComboBoxStyle constants to WrapDelphiStdCtrls. However, the ComboBox now works a bit strange: the down arrow that should make the items list appear is gone. Another really strange thing that I encountered is that string items that I have added to ComboBoxes get converted to lowercase. Any ideas? Shall I added these issues in GitHub? Shall I make a PR for WrapDelphiStdCtrls (and add all the enumeration constants from StdCtrls)?