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  1. In the meantime, I have come up with a solution. I have debugged something in the library. I found out that if the protocol is set to "ipLocal", the port is not taken into account. You have to change the protocol to "ipTCPIP" and set the host to "localhost", then it works. Follow the final code FUNCTION TfrmMain.GetFirebirdServerInfo: boolean; VAR FDIBInfo: TFDIBInfo; AVersion: TIBInfo.TVersion; AConfig: TIBInfo.TConfig; BEGIN Result := False; IF (teFirebirdInstallPath.Text = '') AND (teFirebirdVersion.Text = '') THEN BEGIN FDIBInfo := TFDIBInfo.Create(Self); TRY FDPhysFBDriverLink.VendorLib := teVendorLibrary.Text; FDIBInfo.Protocol := ipTCPIP; FDIBInfo.DriverLink := FDPhysFBDriverLink; FDIBInfo.Host := 'localhost'; FDIBInfo.Port := spePort.Value; FDIBInfo.UserName := teUsername.Text; FDIBInfo.Password := tePassword.Text; FDIBInfo.GetVersion(AVersion); teFirebirdVersion.Text := AVersion.FServerStr; FDIBInfo.UserName := teUsername.Text; FDIBInfo.Password := tePassword.Text; FDIBInfo.GetConfig(AConfig); teFirebirdInstallPath.Text := AConfig.FServerPath; Result := True; FINALLY FDIBInfo.Free; END; END ELSE BEGIN Result := True; END; END;
  2. I use the FB5 dll 32bit version. FDPhysFBDriverLink1.VendorLib := 'D:\Temp\fbclient32_500.dll'; FB3 would be the follow FDPhysFBDriverLink1.VendorLib := 'D:\Temp\fbclient32_311.dll'; I renamed the dll as follow FB3.0.11 32/64bit -> fbclient32_311.dll / fbclient64_311.dll FB4.0.4 32/64bit -> fbclient32_404.dll / fbclient64_404.dll FB5.0.0 32/64bit -> fbclient32_500.dll / fbclient64_500.dll
  3. Stupid... the other solution would basically work, but it doesn't pay attention to the port
  4. How can i use this without to connect to a specify database?
  5. Thanks for that hint. Have change it, now all version runs a service But unfortunately it still doesn't solve my problem
  6. I have installed FB3 as a service. FB2.5, 4.0 and 5.0 are also installed, but i run these version not as a service it runs as program with different port configuration. So i can run different FB-Server versions at the same time. Port 3040: FB2.5 3050: FB3.0 (default) 3060: FB4.0 3070: FB5.0 The follow code runs PROCEDURE TForm1.Button3Click(Sender: TObject); VAR FDIBInfo: TFDIBInfo; AVersion: TIBInfo.TVersion; BEGIN FDPhysFBDriverLink1.VendorLib := 'D:\Temp\fbclient32_500.dll'; FDIBInfo := TFDIBInfo.Create(Self); FDIBInfo.Protocol:= ipLocal; FDIBInfo.DriverLink:= FDPhysFBDriverLink1; FDIBInfo.UserName:='SYSDBA'; FDIBInfo.Password:='masterkey'; FDIBInfo.Port:= 3070; FDIBInfo.GetVersion(AVersion); ShowMessage(AVersion.FServerStr); END; But it detects the wrong Server version, the result are allways the follow WI-V3.0.11.33703 Firebird 3.0 The code line FDIBInfo.Port:= 3070; has no influence on the execution. Is this possibly an error or is generally only the FB version of the installed Windows service queried? Are there a better way to detect the FB-Server version? I use Delphi 12.0.1
  7. gkobler

    Firebird - Monitor 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0

    A new version is available V1.6.1.171. Support for FB5 and HDPI. Visit our Homepage and download the Trialversion: https://fbm.gksoft.ch
  8. Did you have a task called "adb.exe"? When yes kill it? I had the same problem in the past. Although I had only worked on one VCL project. I don't remember which Delphi version the problem occurred with.
  9. gkobler

    TFDUpdateSQL Problem

    it works for me. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your support!
  10. gkobler

    TFDUpdateSQL Problem

    @Dmitry Arefiev should i go via the support to get a fix earlyer? Or could you post some infos here to fix it? Quality Portal is read only at the moment and it‘s not an option for that.
  11. gkobler

    TFDUpdateSQL Problem

    Thanks for clarifying and investigating. Attached my smal demo project. Just start it and try to change a value at any field. Immediately when you try to post this chages, the exception are raising. Quality portal is still in read-only mode, so i can't report the bug. FireDac Sample.7z
  12. gkobler

    TFDUpdateSQL Problem

    I'm migration a project from FB4 to FB5, i use a TFDQuery and a TFDUpdateSQL component. My project runs without any problems. I have updated the database from FB4 to FB5 now. Now i got a problem, when i update a Field in my table. The follow exception are rises Im Projekt Project2.exe ist eine Exception der Klasse EFDDBEngineException mit der Meldung '[FireDAC][Phys][FB]-312. Genau update affected [0] Zeilen, [1] wurden angefordert' aufgetreten. and Im Projekt Project2.exe ist eine Exception der Klasse EFDException mit der Meldung '[FireDAC][DApt]-400. Update-Anweisung updated [0] anstelle von [1] Datensatz. Mögliche Ursachen: Aktualisierungstabelle hat keinen Primärschlüssel oder Zeilenbezeichner, Datensatz wurde von einem anderen Benutzer geändert/gelöscht' aufgetreten. The data field are not updated. When i now set the property UpdateOptions.CountUpdateRecords to False, i just got the first exception and the fiel are updated to the table. What can i do to avoid the exception? I think the problem should be in the TFDUpdateSQL Component, but something must be changed from FB4 to FB5? Thanks for any hint Gregor
  13. gkobler

    Interbase - unable to start service

    May do you have installed Firebird-Server at the same PC?
  14. gkobler

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Fixed I've already thought about implementing it. But I'm very busy with other things at the moment. But I think I will do it.
  15. gkobler

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    I did not find any info at the stacktrace that the WP-Plugin made the error. There is no entry of my WP-Plugin. But try to compile and install the follow demo, and look if the same exceptions are happend C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\23.0\Samples\Object Pascal\VCL\VCL WelcomePage\ToolsAPI.WelcomePage Basic PlugIn This demo are the basis of my WP-Plugin